Meet PHA’s Team

PHA’s staff is a dedicated group of individuals ready to help you find answers to your questions. Look below for departments, job descriptions and contact information. You can also talk to a patient on our toll-free Patient-to-Patient Support Line at 1-800-748-7274.

PHA National Office

Phone: 301-565-3004 — Staff extensions are listed below.

Executive Team

Rino Aldrighetti

Rino Aldrighetti, President & CEO x741

Rino started with PHA in 1999 as the association’s first part-time staff person, and today, serves as President and CEO. Besides overall management of the association and its 35+ staff members, his responsibilities include planning, program development and fundraising. Rino works closely with PHA's Board of Trustees, its Scientific Leadership Council, Corporate Committee and is involved in many of PHA's planning committees and work groups. Read Rino’s Blog | Read more about Rino

Carl Hicks

Carl Hicks, Executive Vice President x772

Carl Hicks, originally from Mansfield, Ohio assumed his new role leading PHA's Field Operations initiative in September 2012. Tasked to build from the ground up, PHA's first-ever local chapters and have them operational yesterday, he comes uniquely suited for the task. He is a retired U.S. Army Combat Arms Officer, and a former successful EVP, COO, or CEO of companies in the civilian sector ranging from tech startups to nationwide SaaS firms. Previously, Carl served on the PHA Board of Trustees since 2002 and served as the chairman of the board during the period 2008 - 2010. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees, (business) from The Ohio State University.

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams, Vice President, Communications & Marketing x750

Kelly D. Williams leads the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s Communications and Marketing team. Kelly’s background includes serving as chief communications officer for a national youth-serving nonprofit, a full-service marketing, communications and advertising agency, and a publicly traded defense and government services contractor. Her clients have included major consumer brands, c-suite executives, hospitals and physicians. A former TV health reporter, Kelly believes an organization’s greatest assets are the stories of the people it serves. A mentor at heart, she has authored two parenting books for single mothers and has served as a visiting assistant professor at the University of North Florida.

Mary B. Kozik

Mary B. Kozik, CFRE, Vice President, Development x767

Mary oversees the fundraising efforts for PHA. Originally from Newport, RI, Mary joined PHA in April of 2016, having spent over 20 years leading fundraising departments for hospitals and other health care and social service organizations. Mary is also a John C. Maxwell certified executive coach, which contributes to her ability to be the kind of leader that builds effective teams to produce significant results. She believes in personal growth only to intentionally add value to others and lives every day with purpose and meaning. Mary is a runner, loves her family and friends, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Please join her in supporting this extraordinary rare disease of pulmonary hypertension. Visit

Chris Forberg

Chris Forberg, Vice President, Finance x751

Chris is responsible for the oversight of the Finance, Human Resources, Database, and Administration teams. Working closely with the President, he produces monthly financials, forecasting, and cash management reports. Chris also leads the annual budget and audit processes. As part of the management team, he is charged with organizing and developing office, staff, and system policies and procedures.

Lauren Lefkowitz

Lauren M. Lefkowitz, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources & Training x802

Lauren Lefkowitz leads the human resources department and manages recruiting, employee relations, training, benefits and compensation. She also oversees the information technology and office management functions for PHA. Lauren’s prior experience includes human resources management in the financial services and retail industries, as well as pro-bono work and board service with a variety of non-profit organizations.

Advocacy & Treatment Access

Katherine Kroner

Katherine Kroner, Senior Director, Advocacy & Treatment Access x749

As PHA’s Senior Director of Advocacy and Treatment Access, Katie helps represent the PH community in conversations with the National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration and other agencies. She works closely with PHA’s Washington Representative and Grassroots Campaigns Manager to build legislative support for the Pulmonary Hypertension Research and Diagnosis Act and other legislation important to the community. Katie also coordinates PHA’s advocacy events on Capitol Hill. 

Angelia DiGuiseppe Staff Photo

Angelia DiGuiseppe, Grassroots Campaign Associate x 753

Angelia is part of the Advocacy & Treatment Access Department. She works on the 435 Campaign, which aims to connect PH patients with members of Congress, and the Media Action Network, which allows PHA members to tell their stories on a local and national scale.

Nikki Blake

Nikki Blake, Treatment Access Associate x 773

As Treatment Access Associate, Nikki helps patients access their treatments effectively by addressing insurance-related concerns, providing feedback to specialty pharmacies and creating educational materials for patients and medical professionals. She also works to connect patients to resources and advocate for insurance policies that affect the PH community.

Communications & Marketing

Jordan Jennings


Jordan Jennings, Associate Director, Communications x768

Jordan manages PHA's web properties and online communications and serves as the editor of PHANews.  She also manages public relations and stakeholder communications to increase awareness of the issues that affect people with pulmonary hypertension. Through strategic partnerships and projects, she leads online communications efforts in support of PHA's mission and reach.

Allycia White

Allycia Dickens, Design & Publications Manager x812

Allycia develops design concepts and creates visual marketing materials for PHA publications. Whether for print or online purposes, her work is used to aesthetically promote the organization's programs and events.

Kathryn Frix

Kathryn Frix, Web Services Manager

Kathy works to maintain PHA's website and other e-channels and assists staff and the community at-large with online technical issues.


Brittani Harris for website

Brittani Harris, Special Events Associate x765

As the Special Events Associate, Brittani provides event organizers with the resources and tools to execute successful fundraisers. She is responsible for and provides ongoing programmatic support for special event organizers as well as campaign organization. She is also assisting with the organization of the 2015 PHPN Symposium’s Networking Walk, which will be taking place in Arlington, VA. She dedicates herself in helping to engage and educate all communities about PHA’s efforts.

Finance & Administration

Jessica Ritter

Jessica Ritter, Director, IT & Administration x766

Jessica manages all of the information technology needs at PHA. In addition to helping out staff with technology and equipment needs, Jessica is responsible for managing the IT vendor, overseeing the office space, maintenance and purchase of office equipment and administers a variety of internal office procedures.

 Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson, Associate Director, Finance x747

Karen is responsible for managing PHA payroll and accounts payable functions and supports the VP of Finance with general accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting processes. Prior to joining PHA, Karen worked for over 20 years for the Montgomery County Government Department of Finance as well as Public Accounting and Professional Services firms. Karen is a CPA, licensed in the State of Maryland.

Randall McLeod

Randall McLeod, Associate Director, Database & Training x748

Randall oversees PHA’s donor database, The Raiser’s Edge. Randall serves PHA by ensuring all data is entered in a timely and accurate manner, and maintaining accurate records for all constituents. Randall assists the staff with any issues related to the database, and trains staff on how to use the database to serve their needs most effectively.

Dorothy Bradley

Dorothy Bradley, Office Assistant x752

Dorothy jumps in to help with many mailings and other tasks. Dorothy is one of PHA's very first employees, and she has seen PHA through many of its changes.

International Services

Julia Friederich

Julia Friederich, International Services Manager x760

Julia facilitates the exchange of reliable information between international PH associations and promotes global awareness of the disease. Her work includes administering and promoting PHA's international seed grant program, coordinating the translation efforts of PHA's materials, establishing relationships with PH organizations abroad and engaging the international medical community. PHA is pleased to work in connection with associations around the world to serve PH patients, their families, doctors and medical researchers.

Medical Services

Michael Patrick Gray

Michael Gray, Senior Director, Medical Services x770

Michael oversees the department's involvement with PHA's professional medical membership groups, PH Professional Network (PHPN) and PH Clinicians & Researchers (PHCR), helping to facilitate networking and other activities within these groups and promoting membership. Additionally, he works closely with the Scientific Leadership Council, which provides leadership and guidance for the mission of PHA and leads the development of the wide array of all PHA's medical programming.

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong, Senior Manager, Early Diagnosis Campaign x803

Jessica manages the Early Diagnosis Campaign, PHA’s effort to reduce the average time between PH symptom onset and accurate diagnosis by right heart catheterization. She coordinates the campaign’s three subcommittees, while also working to develop partnerships with other stakeholders. Jessica is the primary point of contact for both patients and medical professionals who would like to be a part of the campaign.

Lori Oppenheimer

Lori Oppenheimer, Medical Services Program Manager x761

Lori is responsible for promoting membership in the PH Professional Network (PHPN) and helping to develop the group’s knowledge and resources to benefit the entire PH community. She provides support to each of PHPN’s five leadership committees as they work to meet their goals. Lori also assists in organizing PHA’s biennial PH Professional Network Symposium, the largest educational event in the field for PH allied health professionals.

Zan Laughlin

Zan Laughlin, Medical Outreach Program Associate x776

As Medical Outreach Program Associate, Zan supports and promotes PH Clinicians and Researchers (PHCR) medical membership network. She advances PHCR by helping develop the network's various resources including the Building Medical Education in PH partnership program, PH Roundup Newsletter and PHCR email groups. She also supports the Scientific Leadership Council (SLC) and its five committees and assists them in reaching their goals. In addition, she coordinates with the Editorial Board for the publication of Advances in PH and manages PHA's Research Program.

Allison Green

Allison Green, Patient Education Program Associate x744

Allison is responsible for developing educational resources that provide patients and caregivers with information about pulmonary hypertension and its management. Allison works to create patient-oriented brochures, website content, webinars for the PHA Classroom and chats with patients. She continues to assess educational needs within the PH community and assists in the planning of PHA events such as the PHA on the Road program.


Meetings & Conference Planning

Chanel Ricks

Chanel Ricks. Senior Manager, Meeting and Conference Planning x779

Chanel is the Senior Manager of Meeting and Conference Planning department, with primary responsibilities including site selection and contract negotiation for all meetings and conferences, and managing 2 meeting planning associates. The Meeting and Conference Planning team manages all logistics for PHA's major education events, Committee and Board of Trustee meetings. Chanel has over 12 years of experience planning meetings and conferences throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada, ranging from 50 to 1500 attendees.

Ogechi Anyanwu

Ogechi Anyanwu, Meeting Planning Associate x764

Ogechi Anyanwu is a meeting planning associate at PHA. In that role, she has logistical responsibilities for PHA's bienniall International Conference, PHA On the Road events, PHA's biennial PHPN Symposium and smaller meetings including food and beverage, audiovisual, meeting room set up and hotel staff management.

Pat Reilly

Pat Reilly, Meeting Planning Associate x811

Pat Reilly is a meeting planning associate at PHA. In that role, he has logistical responsibilities for PHA's biennial International Conference, PHA On the Road events, PHA's biennial PHPN Symposium and smaller meetings. He also manages the mobile app for PHA Conference and Symposium.

Office of the President

Paige Pokorney

Paige Pokorney, Assistant to the President x801

In the Office of the President, Paige works closely alongside President and CEO, Rino Aldrighetti. Paige manages relations with both PHA's Board of Trustees and Corporate Committee members where she is the point of contact for Board members and corporate sponsors.

Patient & Caregiver Services

Keiron Mohamed

Keiron Mohamed, Program Manager, Patient & Caregiver Services x800

Keiron is responsible for developing programs and resources for patients as well as connecting them to existing resources, such as the Envelope of Hope. Currently, he manages PHA's social media platform, myPHA, and is working to connect every patient and caregiver virtually, giving them access to 24/7 support and resources they need in one user-friendly location. To ensure that our community voices are heard and concerns addressed, he coordinates nine special population advisory boards consisting of patients, parents and caregivers. Keiron also assists in organizing the Patient and Family led Sessions for PHA's biennial PHA's International Conference, the largest PH meeting in the world.

PH Care Centers

Olivia Onyeador

Olivia Onyeador, PHCC Program Manager x778

Olivia is responsible for guiding and managing the implementation for the Pulmonary Hypertension Care Centers' (PHCC) process of accreditation. She maintains the modes of communication for each PHCC committee and PHCC taskforce as well as facilitates further discussion between these members. Olivia also provides support to the content management, resource development and organization of the PHCC website.

Sama Haneef

Sama Haneef, PHCC Program Associate, x804

Sama works to provide support for all aspects of the PHCC program. She aids in the PHCC application, review and accreditation processes through continuous communication with applicants, overall logistical assistance and site visit organization. She also contributes to the revision and update of the PHCC website.

Nora Ludden

Nora Ludden, PHCC Program Prospect Researcher & Grant Writer

Nora oversees the planning, research, and strategy for engaging supporters and ensuring the sustainability of the PH Care Center program.  She conducts research on potential supporters, works with staff and volunteers to develop strategies for engaging constituents, and tracks metrics for all advancement activities.

Bob Gray

Bob Gray, Fundraising Consultant

Bob works closely with volunteers and staff to raise funds for the PH Care Centers and patient registry programs.

Volunteer Services

Debbie Drell

Debbie Drell, Senior Director, Volunteer Services x755

Debbie started at PHA in 2004 working directly with Support Line Volunteers, Support Group Leaders and Special Event planners. Today, she directly oversees Volunteer Services and Patient & Caregiver Services – two departments that provide direct support and education to the entire PH community. She is charged with the sustenance and expansion of the grassroots and volunteer spirit within PHA and working to provide support for special populations in the PH community specifically focuses on working with support group leaders and volunteers. She also serves as a member and Chair Elect of the Public Advisory Roundtable of the American Thoracic Society, a 110 year old international society with more than 15,000 researchers and clinicians in the fields of pulmonary diseases, critical illnesses and sleep-related breathing disorders.

Michael Knaapen

Michael Knaapen, National Support Group Senior Associate x758

Michael works to enable support groups — the backbone of the PH community — to come together, survive and thrive! He trains and supports leaders, provides resources such as meeting guides and sponsorship tools, and helps groups facing issues with retention, outreach and leadership transitions. He endeavors to see a support group at every medical facility treating PH patients, whenever appropriate and possible. Contact Michael if you would like to find or start a support group.

Andrew Hicks

Andrew Hicks, National Support Group Associate x809

Andrew facilitates PHA's growing network of 245+ and growing patient-led support groups and 340 support group leaders around the country. He provides leaders with PHA resources to encourage successful ongoing group management, including the Support Group Central Fund program, which sponsors food and refreshments at hundreds of PH support group meetings nationwide.

Tracey Delaney

Tracey Delaney, Office Assistant x769

Tracey coordinates the save-the-date promotional postcard mailings of nearly 800 pulmonary hypertension support group meetings occurring each year. She helps to process shipments and general mailings, puts materials together for various meetings, acts as back-up receptionist and provides general administrative support to the staff.


PHA Chapters

California Chapter

Tiffany H. O'Neil

Tiffany H. O'Neil, Executive Director

Tiffany leads the talented team for the California Chapter. She has an extensive background in sales and marketing as well as non-profit management and fundraising. She is passionate about engaging patients, constituents and volunteers to further the mission of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. Prior to PHA, Tiffany was with the Northern California Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She is an active member of her community in the Bay Area and volunteers her time with many organizations. She is a graduate of Sonoma State University, Leadership Santa Rosa Class XXIX and a recipient of the North Bay Business Journal's Forty Under 40 award.

Sabrina Rodgers

Sabrina Rodgers, Development Manager

As the Development Manager, Sabrina focuses on fundraising events administration and logistics that include event planning and production. She is also responsible for recruiting and managing volunteer teams in several venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region.

Lone Star Chapter

Megan Crawford Staff Picture

Megan Stehling, Executive Director

A long-term resident of Lone Star State, Megan joins PHA with a strong background in fundraising. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a degree in Markets and Culture before moving back to Houston to start her non-profit career. Prior to the PHA, Megan was Senior Corporate Market Director for the American Heart Association and, most recently, Development Manager for the Children’s Museum of Houston. Megan has helped to raise in support of these organizations, and she continues to serve as a volunteer for the American Heart Association as well as the Salvation Army in Houston.

Teresa Meyers

Teresa Meyers, Development Manager

Teresa Meyers focuses on fundraising events administration and logistics that include event planning and production for the Lone Star Chapter. Teresa is a parent to a PH child and has recently changed her profession to the nonprofit sector after advocating and bringing awareness to PH for the past 6 years. She is founder of PHkids4acure as well as the pediatric support group leader for the Houston area and is continuing to bring more awareness and early diagnoses importance to the forefront. Teresa has a strong presence in the PH community, supporting and advocating for other PH families and looks forward to making a difference in the PH world.

Midwest Chapter

Marcie Hoffmann

Marcie Hoffmann, Executive Director

Marcie is responsible for leading the Midwest Chapter to engage the local PH community in support of PHA's mission. Marcie joined PHA with a background in event management for sporting and entertainment venues including Soldier Field in Chicago and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. She is excited to be a part of the PHA team dedicated to raising funds and awareness in the fight against PH.

Katie Werner

Katie Werner, Development Manager - Endurance Program

Katie manages fundraising events along with Team O2 breathe, PHA's national endurance program, and is based out of the Midwest Chapter. She is a graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations. She has a background in fundraising and development at Second Harvest Food Bank, where she planned and coordinated major fundraising events across east central Indiana. Katie and her husband enjoy exploring the history and culture of Chicago.

Jessica Costello

Jessica Costello, Development Manager

Jessica joined PHA with a background in event management, fundraising and volunteer services. She graduated from Illinois State University with Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Park Administration but her passion has always been within the nonprofit sector. Her role with the Midwest Chapter will focus on planning and implementing fundraising events throughout the area. Jessica is very excited to be part of PHA!


Northeast Chapter

Leslie Orlovsky Staff Photo

Leslie Orlovsky, Executive Director

Leslie Orlovsky has more than 16 years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser. Possessing a strong background in volunteer and donor development, Leslie has developed and managed a variety of fundraising campaigns and special events. As the Executive Director, Leslie is working to build and expand the donor and event portfolio for the Northeast Chapter. Visit

Juliette Pelletier

Juliette Pelletier, Director of Development

Juliette Pelletier has strong background in arts administration, fundraising, membership management and audience development, as well as 15 years fo professional experience working with non-profit organizations, coordinating national and international exhibitions and personal experience as an artist. Juliette provides expertise in the areas of organization consulting, strategic development, fundraising, marketing, public relations, promotion, event design and management. Visit

Jenna Federico

Jenna Federico, Development Manager

Jenna Federico comes to PHA with experience in recruitment, human resources, business administration and sales. She graduated from James Madison University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Jenna has volunteered with a number of charities, and successfully fundraised and recruited team members for walks, which inspired her to follow her passion to pursue a career in the non-profit industry. Jenna loves traveling and is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Visit


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