Exhibit at a local event

You can reach people in your community for days at a time by simply setting up a PH display in a central location. With a little time and help from friends and PHA, you can make a big impact.

Find a location

You can set up a table just about anywhere in your community. Possible locations for tabling include:

  • Town hall - Contact the events coordinator at your town hall.
  • Local hospitals - Contact the public relations or community relations specialist at your local hospital.
  • Library/community center displays - Ask your local library and/or community center if they will put up a display about pulmonary hypertension. The librarians may be more receptive if you offer to create the display.

Plan your display

PHA has a lot of free materials for you to share! Order here

Gather volunteers

Educating your community is more fun and effective in a group! PHA can help you find a local support group to help you with your tabling efforts. You can also enlist the help of family, friends and neighbors.

Create the display

For a temporary display, you can find easy-to-use, three-panel display boards at any Staples or Office Depot retailer. You can attach PHA's posters and information sheets to the panels and present brochures and other materials for people to take home with them on the table.

For a permanent display, staple flyers on cork boards and message boards at super markets, gyms, schools, and community centers. You can also place free announcements on community newspaper calendars, bulletin boards, and websites.

Tell PHA

Send a photo of your display with a description including the date and location of the event to Awareness@PHAssociation.org.



Get started raising awareness in your community today!

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Success Story

Exhibit by Colleen Schnell

Colleen Schnell set up exhibits at two of her local hospitals!

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Raye Bohn“I get to work with heroes… People need to hear your story. Don’t be afraid to tell it. Amazing things will be happening in the next few years. Please be a part of the changing history of this illness. Let each of us say that we played a part in bringing forth a cure.”
-Raye Bohn, PH Patient

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