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You can educate others in your community by telling groups about PH. It takes just a little time and preparation to reach many people.


Find your audience

You can approach a variety of audiences in your community. Find out where people meet! From your local church or synagogue, or other community groups, clubs and organizations, you can educate a population of neighbors who have never heard about PH. Talk to the leaders or administrators of these groups and see if you can give a talk at their meetings. Some will give you 5 minutes and others will give you more time.

Prepare your presentation

Gather your thoughts by writing an outline or making a slide presentation. Depending upon the amount of time you receive for your talk, you can include a question and answer portion, screen one of PHA's educational DVDs, and give more details on how people can get involved. Don’t forget to practice and time yourself in advance so that you stay within the time you are given!

Elisabeth Williams of PHA at the microphoneContact PHA to request materials

If you chose to screen an educational DVD or distribute literature, you should request the materials from PHA at least three weeks in advance. Also, ensure that a projector or any other equipment you need will be available from the group.

Tailor your message and consider fundraising

After hearing your story and speech, people may be compelled to offer support for the cause either through volunteering their time or donating money. Consider passing a hat or distributing PHA donation forms.

Also, decide what you want your audience to do after your speech. Examples include asking them to sign letters to their Members of Congress or including an article about PH in their newsletter.

Tell PHA

Send a copy of your speech with a letter describing the date and event at which it was presented to PHA. Contact 301-565-3004 x753 or



Get started raising awareness in your community today!

Contact Katie
301-565-3004 x749 or


Fraternal Organization
Chamber of Commerce
Community Center
Religious Organization
Summer Fair
Online Community
Anyone else you can think of!

Success Story

Colleen Brunetti

Colleen Brunetti reached out to the online community by giving a talk via youtube!

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Raye Bohn“I get to work with heroes… People need to hear your story. Don’t be afraid to tell it. Amazing things will be happening in the next few years. Please be a part of the changing history of this illness. Let each of us say that we played a part in bringing forth a cure.”
-Raye Bohn, PH Patient

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