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Creative Expression

Medical research shows that creative outlets – whether they be through writing, painting, photography, or other activities – can lead to improved physical, mental and emotional health. Many patients utilize self-expression as a helpful way to cope with pulmonary hypertension (PH). These resources can help guide you towards your own form of creative expression.

Finding Ways to Relax through Creative Expression

  • Music — Music can be therapeutic and stress relieving, whether you listen to it or create it yourself.
  • Journaling, Writing and Blogging — Writing is something everyone can do - whether you share it with others or keep it to yourself.
  • Artwork — Expressing yourself through art – such as painting, drawing sculpting – can give you an outlet for feelings that you just cannot put into words.
  • Photography — If you don’t feel compelled to create with your own hands, capturing life through the lens can be another great way to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Meditation — While meditation is not an outward form of creativity in the same way as the previous examples, meditation can help calm your mind and allow you to refocus your energy to tap into your creative side.

To learn more about how creative expression can help you, read our PHA resource for Creative Expression as a Coping Tool.


Give it a Listen …

Creative Expression for Wellbeing   Creativity as a Coping Tool

Creative Expression for Wellbeing

Listen as an active artist and PH patient provides ideas, prompts and tips regarding art and creative expression for your health.


Creativity as a Coping Tool

Learn more about the benefits that creativity can bring your physical and mental wellbeing from two PH caregivers.

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Get Creative

Learn about creative outlets you can use to help cope with having PH.

Get Inspired

For some in the PH community, sharing their story is best accomplished via artistic expressions such as writing, painting, recording music or videos. Get inspired by examples from some fellow PH patients in these Our Journeys stories.

Read stories

Share Your Work

We'd love for you to submit your own creative pieces so we can continue to share the talent of the PH community!

  • Our Journeys: These stories are not just written accounts. Consider attaching your artwork or telling your story in the form of creative writing.
  • PHA loves to collect photos of your arts and crafts! You could be the next inspiration for a PHer in need. Submit here!

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