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Nutrition and Exercise

We all want to get moving and eat healthy, but where to start? This e-learning guide provides all the how-to information for getting in shape with PH.

Exercising with PH:FL Phun Walk


  • Always consult with your PH specialist before initiating an exercise plan.
  • Set reasonable goals with your specialist.
  • Use a pedometer to monitor your steps each day – increase number of steps daily!
  • Vary your routine.
  • Use oxygen as prescribed by your specialist.
  • Use controlled breathing techniques to move air in and out of lungs; avoid short shallow breaths.
  • Use your symptoms as a guide. Recognize the warning signs of overexertion: dizziness, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath.


  • Do not initiate an exercise plan without speaking to your specialist first.
  • Do not perform any weightlifting of greater than 15 pounds.
  • Do not exercise during humid weather.
  • Do not exercise alone.
  • Monitor fluid intake. Avoid dehydration/fluid overload.
  • Do not become deconditioned.
  • Ability may vary each day. Do what you can when you can!
  • Do not get discouraged!

Give it a Listen …

 Can What You Eat Affect Your Disease State?   Calm, Cool and Collected: Restorative Yoga for the PH Patient 

Learn from Dr. Anna Hemnes about the relationship between nutrition and disease and how modifying your lifestyle can improve your disease state.


Yoga can be a safe, restorative and rewarding option for PH patients looking to stay active. Learn from a presentation on the benefits and best practices for PH-friendly yoga.

Looking for more information? View additional PHA resources on nutrition and exercise.


Looking to Avoid Salt?

Healthy Eating 101

Buying the right food is the first step to healthy eating. Take a virtual grocery store tour and learn tips on health food shopping.

View recording

Yoga for PH

Rana Awdish, MD, and Patricia Fantuz, RN, BSN, of the Henry Ford Health System, received a PHA Lantos Grant to create a modified yoga program for PH patients. Check out the free program:

Need Ideas to Get Moving?

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