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Telling Your Story: Explaining PH to Friends, Family and Coworkers

September 1, 2011

During this call, Amanda Harvey-McKee and Brit Riggins share their experiences with telling their PH stories and tips for helping others understand PH whether they be family members, friends or coworkers. They also discuss strategies for explaining limitations and communicating about PH.

Learn more about helping friends and loved ones understand PH

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Presenter Information

Amanda Harvey-McKee

Amanda Harvey-McKee

Amanda was diagnosed in June 2004 with a blood clot and PH secondary to that. After a few years of rapid decline, Amanda opted for the Pulmonary Thromboendartectomy Surgery (PTE) at UCSD in 10/06. After unforeseen complications and lots of respiratory, physical, occupational, and pulmonary rehab, she is back to leading a "near-normal" life. Although her pressures are still indicative of persistant PH, Amanda feels 100x better than she did pre-surgery, and everyday is a fight to maintain the progress she's made and strive for more. Amanda is fortunate to work f/t, be the St. Louis Support Group Leader, and participate in PHA on The Road, International Conferences, and local events. She has been added to the mentor list for others with Chronic Pulmonary Thrombolic Embolism w/Pulmonary Hypertension (CPTEPH) for reference. Amanda appreciates the opportunity to help others.


Brit Riggins

Britt Riggins

After being diagnosed with severe PH in '05 at age 23, Brit was forced to quit her job as a pastry chef and tried nearly every PH drug on the market until her PH was finally stabilized. She has since gotten married and settled into a career in engineering. In her free time, she goes to as many concerts and shows as her health allows. She is a patient mentor in PHA's PH Email Mentor program and is on the Advisory Board for Generation Hope, PHA’s virtual community for young adults with PH. She has been a speaker at a couple PHA Conferences and has planned benefit concerts for PH. She loves giving back to the community who helped her so much when she was first diagnosed.

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