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Note: Our community email groups are being phased out in the coming weeks due to the launch of our online social network, myPHA! Please refer to myPHA for connecting online to members like you. 

Connect with other PHers, share support and information, network and make PHriends via email discussion groups. Worried about finding too many messages in your Inbox? Choose to receive group communication as one daily digest or even set your account to no email and check message online at the group site.

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General Community



PHAcommunity is the gateway email group community for visitors and new PH community members. The group offers a wealth of information and a forum to gain a foundation of knowledge about pulmonary hypertension for patients, families and anyone interested in this rare illness. This is the place where you can feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in general discussions about PH.

Interest Groups

joinPHA Caregiver

An email group for family members and caregivers of PH patients. This group is your chance to ask questions, share information and vent with people going through something similar. We know that pulmonary hypertension can be life-changing for the entire family. (Requires a free Google account)


PHA's email group for patients living with CTEPH or having had PTE surgery. (Membership requires a free Google account.)

suPer Heros: Long Term Living with PHjoin

PHA's email group for patients living with PH for 8 years or longer. (Membership requires a free Google account.)



PHA_Parents is an email group community for parents of children with PH. We welcome experienced moms and dads as well as newcomers who urgently need support and encouragement to participate in the discussion.

joinPHA Generation Hope

An email group for college students, young professionals and other 20- and 30-somethings living with pulmonary hypertension. (Requires a free Google account)

joinPHA PH Plus

An email group for PH patients managing multiple illnesses. A forum to connect with other patients who have PH related to another disease and to discuss strategies for juggling doctors’ appointments and medications. (Requires a free Google account)



A discussion group for those who have undergone and those who are considering transplant. (Requires a free Google account) Meet PHA’s Transplant Email Group Committee



PHInternational is an email group community for PH patients, their family members, friends and caregivers from around the world. This email group is open to anybody touched by PH. Although the majority of email group members use English, the software supports almost all other languages, so feel free to correspond in any language convenient for you. If you are an association leader, check out the PH Planet email group.


This group is intended to provide a safe and supportive space for parents who have lost their child to PH or related conditions, as well as for those who wish to provide support.


PHA Prayer is an email group community for PHers interested in communicating about PH and prayer.

Get Involved


Connect with others who want to raise awareness of PH through the media by joining the PHAware email group. You’ll receive tips and resources from PHA and other email group members to help you share your PH journey with the media.

PHA Special Events Forum join

An email group for current and interested PHA special event organizers to share and receive planning tips, encouragement and advice - no need for you to reinvent the (fundraising) wheel! We'll bring you the latest information on Special Events program developments and on PHA, too! (Requires a free Google account)


Receive alerts with actions you can take to educate Members of Congress and influence their decisions about legislation that impacts the PH community. Share tips and successes with other PH advocates. Contact to join.


If you would like to get in touch with PHA or report a problem, please contact us at If you have a concern about a post, be sure to forward the message in question.


PHA is proud to be able to make educational materials and programs like these available for free to everyone because of the generous support from members of the community just like you. Donations are welcome!


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