World PH Day Flames of Hope

Thank you for empowering hope on World PH Day. Each Flame of Hope is a living symbol in honor or memory of a loved one in the PH community. Scroll over each Flame to read a special message.

All proceeds from Flames of Hope sales benefit the Pulmonary Hypertension Association's (PHA) annual fund, which provides unrestricted funds for PHA's core priorities of support, education, research, advocacy and awareness. We appreciate everyone who supports PHA with your time, resources and donations.

Thank you to everyone - patients, families and medical professionals - who have the courage to hope for a brighter future and a cure to this terrible disease. Working with the PHA community is truly an honor.

Your vision continues to drive PHA forward today.

In memory of my beloved Rachel and with gratitude for our amazing PHA staff who ignite our hope for the future.

In memory of Mallory Hicks, a beautiful spirit who bravely fought her PH. She lived her life well, and left with beauty and grace.

In memory of my beloved sister Marie and the gratitude to all those who have given so much for the hope of a brighter tomorrow


In support of all who have or have had pulmonary hypertension.

From Vern
TO my wife JOY it's a honor to be your Husband and most of all to be your Caregiver, keep up the good work.
From Ellen J. Leoni in honor of the whole PHA community From Rino Aldrighetti in memory of Bonnie Dukart From Laura H. D'Anna in memory of Rachel Hoyt From Preston Piper in memory of Mallory Hicks In memory of Marie T. Ricottone In memory of Marie T. Ricottone From Ronald G. Fessenden in honor of All who have or have had pulmonary hypertension. From VERNON B. GORE in honor of Joyce E. Gore

For Gail Bucci, who was like a sister to me and definitely a mentor and PHriend to all in need.

Working towards a CURE, in memory of Louise Sykes who passed away with PH in December 2012

From Cindy Pickles in memory of Donna L. Wesley

In honor of inspirational and beautiful Brooke Ann Keith.

In honor of my son, Ryan Juntti, a brave PH Warrior

In honor of my friend's mother, Deborah Tootle, we keep the flame of hope alive.

I light this candle with love for my wonderful husband and caregiver. I would not have been able to live this long with out his love and care. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want the world to know just how great you are! All my love forever

For all your devotion and endless work, we thank you so much! You are our flame!
In memory of Gail A. Bucci From Cindy Pickles in memory of Mary Louise G. Sykes From Cindy Pickles in memory of Donna L. Wesley From Sandi Schlichting in honor of Brooke Keith From Bonnie L. Patricelli in honor of Ryan M. Juntti From Gina Reilly in honor of Deborah Tootle From Stephanie G. Layer in honor of Thomas A. Layer From Stephanie G. Layer in honor of Rino Aldrighetti

In loving memory of Robert Converse, who PH stole from us on 4/14/13. Now there's nothing to stop you from flying, Honey.

You are a wonderful blessing in our lives, Seth! We love you!

In loving memory of Helen Grant from the Puyallup Valley PH Support Group

In memory of Ashley Burkey...a true angel.

For Seth Stailey, May you have many more years

I am hopeful with the great strides that have been made in recent years, that we are closer to a cure.

From Kristen Dunne in memory of Molly Dunne

We are hopeful that a cure will be found so that others will not suffer and die like our daughter.
From Sandra More in memory of Robert Converse From Christina Stailey in honor of Seth Stailey From Charlotte H. McCabe in memory of Helen M. Grant From Laura Katt in memory of Ashley Burkey From Kathryn Jones in honor of Seth Stailey From Lorraine Robbins From Kristen Dunne in memory of Molly Dunne From Paul Juhasz in memory of Elizabeth M. Juhasz

From Rita Orth in memory of Dr. Robyn J. Barst

From Rita Orth in memory of Irma Nabors

Dearest Judy, you and your magnificent husband generously lent a recreational area where our support group held it first fundraising event over 5 years ago, a PHun Walk for PHA. I miss you!

We Have Hope! We will Find A Cure & Make A Difference!!

In honor of all those whose lives have been touched by PH

I hope and pray everyday for a cure for PH!

In hope for a cure and to support all the families effected by this disease.

This is for my friend Bill Sheka
From Rita Orth in memory of Robyn J. Barst From Rita Orth in memory of Irma Nabors From Joan M. Stevenson in memory of Judith A. Laubach From Nicole Moores in honor of Talitha Decker From Perry Mamigonian From Nancy Jordan in memory of James P. Jordan From Jessica Cropsey in memory of Ashley Burkey From Lyndon Thomason in honor of Bill Sheka

For Sybil

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don’t give up.” We'll never give up until a cure is found.

Miss you girlfriend.

In memory of my beloved cousin, Dana Jean O'Hara, hoping to one day find a cure for this disease. You are missed more than words can say. Breathe easy my sweety. Love, Nana

My friend, wife, and soulmate succombed to PAH on 11/11/11 after a 4yr battle. Let's hope we find a cure for this insidious disease.

We light this flame in memory of our sweet daughter Sarah. She fought bravely and with such hope. She brought us such joy in her short 7 1/2 years on this earth, and was an inspiration to many. We love you and miss you Sarah! We are so proud of you!

Each drop of blood we give to research, gives someone a chance to breath. My prayer is of HOPE, my prayer is only for a CURE!

In honor of my beautiful daughter, Marla Akins. She gives me strength by being brave and dedicated to overcoming PH!
From Charlotte H. McCabe in memory of Sybil Larson Pat J. Evans in honor of Lisa Iannone From Diane Dauwalder in memory of Sheila M. Williams From Nancy R. Jensen in memory of Dana J. O'Hara From Thomas Kochanski in memory of Laura Kochanski From Michelle A. Peek in memory of Sarah Peek From Dale Rankin Mack For all those who've fought this fight before us. From Richard Olitsky in honor of Marla Akins

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