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PHA internships provide meaningful, career-related work experience that allows students to apply academic knowledge to the world of nonprofit work. Interns in our office represent a variety of backgrounds and interests. Click on the video links below to hear from some of the impressive students who have participated in the PHA Internship Program.

Internship Opportunities

Name: Kayla
Volunteer Services, Spring 2014

Name: Kristie
Publications, Spring 2014

Name: Kim
Internship: Patient & Caregiver Services, Spring 2014

Name: Brianah
Internship: Social Media & e-Marketing, Spring 2014

Name: Allisson Siebenberg
School: University of Maryland
Major: Communication Studies
Internship: Communication Studies, Summer 2013

Name: Andrea Hubbel
School: University of Maryland
Major:  English Language & Literature
Internship: Meetings Planning, Summer 2013

Name: Eunah Lee
School: Harvard College
Major: Neurobiology; Global Health & Health Policy
Internship: Volunteer Services, Summer 2013

Name: Haley Payne
School: Indiana University
Major: BA in Political Science
Internship: Grassroots and Advocacy

Name: Laura Johns
School: Ohio University
Major: Health
Internship: Patient & Caregiver Services summer 2013

Name: Rachel Parker
School: Grove City College
Major: Law
Internship: Fundraising & Communications, Summer 2013

Name: Savannah Chaisson
School: Elon University
Major: Public Health Studies
Internship: Medical Services: Marketing and Communications, Summer 2013

Name: Danielle Doubt
School: St Mary’s College of Maryland
Major: English
Internship: Advocacy and Awareness Summer 2011

Name: Glenda Lopez
School: Grinnell College
Major: Biology
Internship: Medical Services Summer 2011

Name: Emma Powers
School: University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Major: Psychology, Creative Writing
Internship: Patient Outreach and Services Summer 2011

Name: Flora Wong
School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Major: Community Health Education
Internship: Patient Outreach and Services Spring 2011
Name: Katie Anderson
School: Montgomery College
Major: Networking and Wireless Technologies
Internship: Information Technology Spring 2010
Name: Ellen Leoni
School: American University
Major: American Studies and Psychology
Internship: Advocacy and Awareness, Summer and Fall 2010
Name: Amanda Martin
School: Grove City College
Major: English
Internship: Publications, Summer 2010

Name: Monica Machado
School: University of Maryland
Major: Bioengineering
Internship: Advocacy and Awareness, Spring 2009

Name: Sarah Morris
School: Arkansas State University
Major: Journalism
Internship: Web Services, Spring 2009
Name: Albert White
School: Bucknell University
Major: Political Science
Internship: Medical Services, Summer 2008
Name: Andrea (Drea) Yancy
School: Western Illinois University
Major: Women’s Studies and Psychology
Internship: Volunteer Services, Summer 2008
Name: Meryl Schulman
School: Brandeis University
Major: Health, Science, Society and Policy
Internship: Advocacy and Awareness, Summer 2008
Name: John Patrick
School: California State University at Fullerton
Major: Human Communication
Internship: Web / IT, Summer 2008

Need more information?

For more information about the internship program, please contact Jennifer at or 301-565-3004 x747.

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