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Welcome to the PH community’s Media Hall of Fame! Here we’ll highlight the names and faces of those who receive media coverage in 2012 and beyond. Add your name to our growing list of success stories — contact or 301-565-3004 x753.

Young Man Raises PH Awareness in His Hometown in November

Kevin Mayhood-Paskawych talks about his diagnosis and the need for PH awareness on CNN iReport. “I wrote several articles for CNN's iReport in an attempt to get my message out…. I know in my local area having the article up on CNN did help get the word out. Never underestimate any resource!” he said. Read the article

Tireless Advocate Featured on Fox TV


Diane Ramirez

Diane Ramirez’s commitment to raising PH awareness was the subject of in a feature segment called “Inspired Living” on her local Fox TV station. Watch the Fox TV segment

PH Doctor Appears on Los Angeles Radio Show

Dr. Juan Alejos from UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital appeared on KKJZ Radio in Long Beach with Host Mike Johnson. (posted with permission from Tuned In). Listen to the show

2012 Outstanding PH Citizen Talks to Reporters About Her Upcoming Fundraiser

    Jeannette Morrill Jeannette Morrill spoke to reporters about her 36 year history with pulmonary hypertension and her upcoming golf tournament fundraiser. Read the article

Team PHenomenal Hope Spreads Awareness About 8 Day Cross Country Bike Trek

Patricia George, M.D, Stacie Truszkowski, Anne-Marie Alderson and Ryanne Palermo spoke to an online reporter about their 2014 cross country bike ride to raise awareness of PH. "This will be hard, but it's nothing compared to what our patients have to deal with," George said about the 8 day, 3,000 mile trek. Read the article

Patients Explain Life with Pulmonary Hypertension

    Joy Morgan Joy Morgan shared her PH story, explained why the disease is often misdiagnosed by doctors, and discussed her focus on promoting PH awareness to reporters at The Ledger. "I don't just accept the illness," Morgan said. "I fight it. I tell people ‘Don't lose hope.'" Read the article

PHA Founder Speaks at Local Support Group Meeting

    Pat Paton announced Pat Paton, founder of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and current board member, as the featured speaker at the Brevard County Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group. Read the article

PH Patient Takes the Ride of his Life

    Jim Gebhardt Jim Gebhardt's local newspaper interviewed him about his efforts to raise PH awareness during his nine day, 4,015-mile, motorcycle ride throughout the 11 states in the American west. Read the article

Support Group Leader Reaches out to PH Patients

 Florine Tripp talked with the Columbia Daily Tribune about her life with pulmonary hypertension and her new role as the Mid-Missouri Support Group Leader. Amy Fair, a fellow support group member said, “Even if nobody else shows up” to the support group meeting, “I’ve met Florine, and Florine and I are together.” Read the article

PH Patient Finds Hope in Support Group Meetings

Littlestown, PA resident and PH patient Mary Svikhart described what she went through since she was diagnosed. Now, she finds comfort in going to pulmonary hypertension support group meetings. “We do not sit around weeping,” she said, “It is all about hope. It is all about comparing notes, sharing tips on how to deal with this disease.” Read the article

Passionate Patient Talks about her Life with Pulmonary Hypertension

    Joan Stevenson

This article features the story of 81-year-old patient and PH support group leader Joan Stevenson. "I won't take: 'It can't be done' as an answer," says Joan. Read the article

Two PH Patients Discuss Life with PH

    Stuart Berwick

Pulmonary hypertension patients Yvette Pedroza and Stuart Berwick spoke to a reporter at their local newspaper about issues that affect most PH patients including misdiagnosis, the expenses involved in managing the disease, the number of their medications, the complex nature of their medications and their relationship with their caregivers. Read the article

 PH Patient’s Diagnosis Struggle Featured in Washington Post

    Kimberlee Ford

Kimberlee Ford described her lengthy and frustrating journey towards a pulmonary hypertension diagnosis in the Medical Mysteries feature, which is a weekly section in the Washington Post. Right before her diagnosis, she was unable to do routine physical tasks, like walking up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. “When I saw those steps, I saw mountains,” Kimberlee said. Read the article


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Merle Reeseman
PH advocate Merle Reeseman has appeared in news headlines countless times because she found creative ways to connect PH to a breaking news story or theme getting attention in the news.

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