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Patricia Boaz

My Name is Patricia Boaz. When I was 9 1/2 yrs old my pediatrician heard two heart beats so he told my parents that he wanted to send me to a cardiologist. So the cardiologist put me in the hospital to do a cardiac catheterization, and they found that I have a hole in my heart. The doctor called it ventricular septal defect. I was limited on most physical activity. I couldn’t participate in competitive sports. But I could do mild exercise such as walking, bicycling, on flat ground non competitive pool swimming and mild calisthenics not requiring maximal Isometric muscular contraction would be acceptable.

I went back to the cardiologist for a check-up. He told me that I wouldn’t be able to have any children because of the heart problem. So after I got out of high school in 84, that summer I went and had a tubal litigation. I went back to my cardiologist for a check-up. I asked him about me working he said yes, I would be able to work. So I worked at different jobs until I found the right one. I found a job working with children. I worked there for 11 1/2 yrs.

In1999 I got sick. I went to the clinic and they told me that I had bronchitis. I went back a few days later and told the Dr. I wasn’t getting any better. I was feeling short of breath, so the Dr. at the clinic took my oxygen sat. It read 85. The doctor told me to get to the hospital. So when I got to the hospital my oxygen sat. was "48". So the next day at the hospital they did a echocardiogram find out that I have pulmonary hypertension. So now I have to be on oxygen 24/7. So I had to go to a cardiology doctor, he sent me to a lung specialist.

In Jan. 2000 the lung Dr. put me on a medicine. The medicine was Flolan. I was on Flolan for four weeks. I had a bad reaction to the Flolan so the Dr. had to stop the medicine. So a week later I went back to the lung Dr. He told me the only thing was left was the lung and heart transplant. I was so depressed that I went and got another opinion from another Dr. about my condition. I asked him for his opinion about me getting a lung and heart transplant. He said with my condition, it would be very risky for me. After I talked with my family about what the Dr. said, I decided to go and get one more opinion. That Dr. said the same thing that as the other Dr. said. The last few years I have been seeing a doctor over at Georgetown university hospital. The doctor put me on Tracleer, and a year later she put me on the Ventavis too. My oxygen sat. was dropping, so she put me on Remodulin, but my system couldn’t take it. So she took me off of it. So when I went back to her in a week she put me on Revatio so now my oxygen sat. is staying at "85"again. I take the Revatio 3 times a day. Well this is my story, I hope it is good.

Patricia Boaz


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