Meet Madison!

Where do you live?
Brighton, MI

How old are you?
I turned 8 on August 4th.

When were you diagnosed with PH?
I was diagnosed with PH in January of 2012, when I was in the first grade.

You recently went on a Make-a-Wish trip. Where did you go? Why did you choose that place?
For my Make-a-Wish trip, I chose Alaska because I've grown up hearing a lot of cool stories about it from my Aunt Mary Beth, who lives there, and from my mom and dad. I wanted to see my aunt and was excited to see Alaska for myself. My favorite part about the trip was seeing my aunt, and my favorite activities were dogsledding and fishing on the Kenai River.

What is your favorite memory from PHA’s Conference last year?
My favorite memory from PHA's conference last year was meeting other people − adults and kids − who also had to wear oxygen and who also had PH. Conference made me feel better about it. I also got to make a special new friend, Laney.

If you were a superhero, what kind would you be?
If I were a superhero I'd want to be a doctor superhero who could fix anybody with her superpowers.

What do you say when people ask about PH?
I tell them that one of the parts that runs between my heart and my lungs tightens or closes off when it is not supposed to do so. This makes my heart work harder, and I easily run out of breath when I'm running or playing. God made me in a special way.

What message do you want to pass on to other kids who have PH?
I'd tell them that sometimes you might feel like you are the only ones with PH, but you're not. There are other people who have PH too. PH involves lots of trips to the hospital, and it is sometimes scary, but you can make friends with the doctors and nurses there. When I first got PH, I had to wear oxygen all of the time. Soon after that I had a tube placed into my chest so that medicine could be pumped into my heart. This was scary too, and I felt a bit different than other kids, but now it is more normal for me. My friends are still my friends. I am still Madison. I just have PH.


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