Meet Paige!

Where do you live?
Oregon City, Oregon

How old are you?
I’m eleven years old.

How old were you when your mother was diagnosed with PH?
I was 7 months old when my mom was diagnosed.

What is your favorite thing to do with your Mom since she was diagnosed with PH?
My favorite things to do are watch TV and snuggle.

You made a video to raise awareness about PH. Tell us about that.
I made the video to help others with parents or loved ones with PH to not feel alone. I wanted to help spread awareness from the eyes of a kid, so others will know what it's like for us, but that it will be ok.

What is the best part for you about raising awareness of PH?
It makes me feel good to know that I am helping others fight this disease, so they are not alone.

How has PH changed your family?
My mom was diagnosed when I was a baby, so this all I know. Now that she has IV medicine I feel bad that she can't go swimming with us when we go to the beach.

What has finding your family’s “new normal” meant for your family?
Our "new normal" is ok. I just wish my mom could go on rides or go swimming with me.

What advice would you give other kids who have a parent with PH?
My advice would be to talk about your feelings. Your parents will want to know how you feel. Don't give up hope, and be supportive. They need you just as much as you need them.


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