Social Worker

Sometimes your family will meet a social worker. The social worker is there for you to talk to about any concerns or worries you or your family may have. Sometimes the social worker can help your family find a place to stay if you travel a long way to visit the hospital, or help you find other people to talk to who have also had pulmonary hypertension (PH) in their family.

Allyson Allyson, Social Worker

Meet a Social Worker: Allyson Rupp

Allyson is a social worker at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in California. She works with families who are impacted by pulmonary hypertension.

What is your favorite part of being a social worker?
I think it is a rather distinct honor to be invited into people's lives at moments of crisis and extraordinary vulnerability, joy, grief and celebration to share the experience, aid in recovery and smooth transitions. Every day is different and every day I am enriched.

Why did you become a social worker?
I became a social worker because I was lucky enough to discover that the aspects of medicine and science that I most enjoyed were those related to how health circumstances impact life and function. I wanted to be involved in discovering the good and strengths of people, and recognizing how people can thrive despite challenging circumstances.


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