Public Service Announcements

PHA's PSA Blitz: From Rare to Everywhere! 

Public service announcements (PSAs) focused on pediatric PH research and early diagnosis were sent out to radio and television networks across the country. 

We need your help to get these PSAs from station managers’ fingertips to on the air.

Most stations already have the PSAs, they just need a call from a viewer like you! Contact your local news stations and ask that they broadcast these PSA spots. Below are step-by-step instructions to explain how.

Public service announcements are short radio or television spots — usually 15 to 60 seconds long — that stations play for free as service to their communities. Because PSAs are short, they’re best for sharing basic information on PH. 

Getting Your PSA Aired

1. Watch the PSA Media Blitz Webinar

Learn how you can get involved by watching this one-hour webinar.

2. Contact your local radio and/or television station(s)

Use one of PHA's scripts when you call each station. One is focused on early diagnosis, one is focused on pediatric research and one explains PH. Put several irons in the fire: Consider reaching out to multiple news stations. The more people you try, the more likely you are to find your idea accepted.

3. Follow up with the station

If you don’t hear back from the station within a few days, call or write to gently remind them that you made contact. Offer to send them these download instructions if they are having trouble finding the PSAs .  Also offer to send these TV traffic instructions or radio traffic instructions. Let them know that you’re ready to work with them when PSA airtime becomes available. When you follow up, it's a good idea to offer something new — an additional fact, information about an upcoming event or your own story.

4. Spread the word

Let everyone know you're a part of the PHA PSA Blitz by sharing how your calls went on PHA's Facebook page.

For help preparing your media outreach contact

View and Share Sample PSAs

PHA has several pre-recorded PSAs you can share with your friends and social media contacts. 

Sometimes it's Pulmonary Hypertension

Visit PHA's Sample PSA Page 


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