In Their Own Words

Why I Planned a Special Event

Cindy Wangerud

Inaugural Minnesota PHun Walk
Support Group Leader

"Throughout the years I have been asked by so many people to contribute to a cause. Whether it be for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, you name it. But WHY don’t we do something for PH? ‘Strength in numbers’ is a saying that goes a long so many people. We all need to step in and do these fundraisers and get PH known by the public, and supported by the public, as well-known diseases are. I have worked with many of the same people for almost nine years, and most of them don’t know I am sick. This fundraiser will allow me to share a bit of my life with them and hopefully they will contribute to the cause!"  

Inaugural Minnesota PHun Walk

Cindy Pickles

N.C. Cure PH Golf Tournament
N.C. 5K Run/Walk for PH
PHA Board of Trustees, member at large

PHA Support Group Leader

“The reason I help with fundraising is simple: Fundraising is a means of putting PH HOPE into action. 

Someone might think “Oh, what is $100 going to do?” That extra $100 may put the research over the top so a cure is found. I also find fundraising keeps my mind active so I don’t feel let down and sorry for myself.”


N.C. 5K Run/Walk for PH

Gail Bucci

Sarasota, Florida Statewide Symposium
Escape to Vegas
Glitz, Glitter, Glam!
PHA Support Group Leader

"Knowledge is power and we have to keep ourselves educated about pulmonary hypertension through special events, support groups and PHA. To me, a special event is an opportunity to learn more about your illness — or the illness of a family member — and to hear about the most recent information pertaining to the disease. It is a privilege to have the resources available to present a yearly special event for all who are able to attend. It is even more motivating to be able to hand over sizeable donations to PHA knowing that the funds that were raised through silent auctions, private donations, raffles and conferences are going to provide more education, more knowledge and more power to the patient population of PHA."


Sarasota, Florida Statewide Symposium

Amy Moseley

Annual Arizona Spur-A-Cure

"Volunteering has always been an important part of my life. ... After years of participating in various fundraising events, I finally found a cause that is near and dear to my heart. ... One of my best friends, Mark Duque, was diagnosed with [and ultimately lost his life to] PH. I began to learn more about this awful disease and was inspired to help."

AZ Spur-a-Cure



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