"Individuals receive their diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, whatever the reason. Then they are put on medications, maybe oxygen, maybe given instructions in the doctor's office, then sent home. But they still have a million questions and they don't think to ask these questions of the physician, or they are hesitant to ask him, knowing he is very busy with so many patients to see. They get home, oft times scared and wondering how to get questions answered. Usually nobody they know is familiar with pulmonary hypertension, their friends and family have as many or more questions as the patient. Then, if they have the internet, they get on there. If they don't look at our Pulmonary Hypertension Association site soon, they usually get more frightened by what they read. Finally, they open the Pulmonary Hypertension Association web page and they begin to read. And they begin to hope. Questions begin to find answers. Soon they discover the Pulmonary Hypertension Association Support Group information. Many times they make a call to the Support Group Leader. After a long conversation, they are not quite as scared as they were before and are getting some of their questions answered. If they are physically able, they make plans to come to the next meeting. Frequently, the Support Group Leader makes arrangements to come visit them at home. When they come to a Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group meeting, they find people they can relate to. Some of these folks feel as bad, or worse, than they do. These people face the same frustrations, pains and questions. The patient begins to realize they are not alone.

We, as members of the Support Group, having met the incredible diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension head on know what a recently diagnosed individual is experiencing. We want to reach out to the new patient in a way that will make that person feel the hope that things can get better. While the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension may be staggering, he is not alone. With the Support Group he can find people who understand his frustrations and pain. These same Support Group members want the new patient to feel their support and love."

Kaye Cross, Group Leader, Springfield MO Group


The above picture is of Kaye and Don Cross at their home. Don is her husband. Due to successful treatment, Kaye has been greatly blessed and become very active. The below pictures are : Kaye and Buster Brown; Kaye and Kathie VanBeber, a local social worker, here at Time Out for Women; Kaye at Scrapapalooza "Hooray for scrapbooking"; Kaye and Don at Hyde's Cat Fish House "Yum, Yum".  

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28 Februaruy 2012, 6:30 PM, Tuesday, to be held at 2535 W. Blossom Dr, Springfield, MO 65810

If you don't GPS please call for directions.

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