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Family support groupMeet other parents of infants, children or teens with pulmonary hypertension in one of our virtual or local support groups.

PHA Parents Telephone Support Group

A toll-free telephone support group for caregivers of children with PH. This hour-long conference call offers PH parents across the U.S. and Canada the chance to connect in real-time for support, encouragement and information sharing.

Calls are held monthly; see below for the upcoming schedule.

Upcoming call schedule:

Pediatric Webinar: Psychosocial Support for PH Kids and Teens
October 2, 2014

What is "normal" emotional health for a kid or teen living with a chronic disease? When should you be concerned that they may be depressed or not coping, and how can you help? How do you offset the isolation if your child can't attend school? How does emotional health impact medication compliance? Dr. Holly Gooding at Boston Children's Hospital will address these questions and more during this webinar for parents of pediatric PH patients.

October 2, 2014 at 8:30pm EST: Register now!

Parents Telephone Support Group

October 20, 2014

Join us to for general discussion how you help maintain normalcy for your relationships with your spouse and your other children! Call in for five minutes or call in for the hour - as much time as you have!

Oct 20, 2014 at 8pm EST: Register!

Parents Telephone Support Group

November 17, 2014

Join other parents as you discuss balancing your child's PH care around the holiday season! Call in for five minutes or call in for the hour - as much time as you have!

Check back for registration details!

PHA Parents Email Group

An email group community for parents of children with PH. We welcome experienced moms and dads as well as newcomers who urgently need support and encouragement to participate in the discussion. Join now

PH Email Mentors

PHA's PH Email Mentor Program includes a team of parents who are ready and eager to answer your questions by email. They can't provide medical advice, but they can share their experiences raising children with PH and help you find resources to ensure your child receives the best care possible. Email a parent mentor

Local Pediatric Support Groups

Washington, DC
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Philadelphia, PA
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Houston, TX
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Boston, Massachusetts
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Los Angeles, California
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