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Welcome to our Online Insurance Guide! Whether you’re a patient, family member or medical professional, you will find tools and materials that allow you to advocate for timely access to affordable treatment.

Use these resources to learn about insurance, troubleshoot insurance problems and connect with other patients who have overcome their own insurance challenges. 

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PHA Online Insurance Guide

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Access PHA Classroom webinars on insurance, disability and oxygen here.

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Be on the lookout for a mini webinar series debuting later this summer on specialty pharmacy FAQs!

The insurance, disability and oxygen sessions from Conference were recorded and will be made available on the PHA website shortly.

Whether you attended Conference or not, read below for a quick re-cap of the Treatment Access related events and sessions that took place at our 2016 International PH Conference in Dallas, TX.

Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Board Meeting

PHA’s Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Board meets quarterly via web meeting to review data collected via the specialty pharmacy feedback form. During PHA’s Conference, the advisory board had the unique opportunity to meet in person to discuss ways to improve the specialty pharmacy field for the PH community.  Major focuses of the meeting included creating a way for the community to rate how their specialty pharmacy handled their feedback form inquiry, and plans to create a video mini-series on specialty pharmacy FAQs.

Insurance: A Maze or Amazing

Lauren Ruiz, Program Manager at the Caring Voice Coalition (CVC), explained in detail the ins and outs of health insurance. This session covered FAQs about Medicare, the Health Insurance Marketplace, financial assistance and oxygen coverage.

Number one tip from this session: Take charge of your healthcare! Familiarize yourself with insurance terminology, know your plan’s benefits and document all communication with your insurance company. Know that there is also help available if you get stuck.  Contact PHA’s Treatment Access Program or the Caring Voice Coalition for more information.

Disability Benefits

This medically led session was presented by Sr. Patient Advocate, Laruen Patrizio, Esq. from the CVC, and Tonya Zeiger, R.R. T. Topics discussed included the differences between Social Security Disability and Social Security Income, eligibility requirements, and how to best prepare your application for success.

Number one tip from this session: Be mindful and honest in speaking to your physicians. With PH, there are good days and bad days. CVC and PHA recommend documenting your feelings in a calendar or journal to ensure you have a written record to provide to your physician as testament to your symptoms.

Preparing for Travel and Oxygen Use

Dr. Akaya Smith, Dr. Bradley Maron, Glenna Traiger, RN and Tonya Zeiger, R.R.T. presented on oxygen and travel use. During this session, attendees were given tips on how to best prepare for travel in order to have a safe and uneventful trip with their oxygen. Major themes of this session were what does one need to do before traveling with PH and oxygen, how to find a PH specialist at your travel destination, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for flying with oxygen, and how to avoid fluid overload when traveling.

Number one tip from this session: Notify your PH team of your travel plans well in advance, allowing adequate time for providers to assist with travel preparation and emergency preparedness.



DISCLAIMER: The Insurance Resources section includes brief summaries of complex subjects. They should be used only as overviews and general guidelines. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the policies or legal positions of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. These summaries do not render any legal, accounting, or other professional advice, nor are they intended to explain fully all of the provisions or exclusions of the relevant laws, regulations, and rulings of various private and public insurance programs. Original sources of authority should be researched and utilized.
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