Follow These Steps to Secure a Proclamation

1. Find your local elected officials
For a city proclamation, determine who is your Selectman, Alderman, County Commissioner or City Councilor. This can be done by visiting your city or town’s website or contacting the city or town clerk's office and telling them where you live and asking who represents you. Ask the clerk for the best way to contact your elected official.
For a state proclamation, visit your state’s website or contact the governor's office and ask who should be contacted to request a state proclamation.
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 1
2. Contact your local elected officials
Call, email or write a letter to your elected official and tell him or her about PH and your affiliation with PHA. Tell the elected official about PH Awareness Month and ask if the council or the governor would consider declaring November "PH Awareness Month." Keep in mind that many proclamations can be obtained completely via the internet.
Contacting local officials is easy! Read more about how to explain PH and Awareness Month (Doc) or (Text) or about successful requests for proclamations! If your local officials ask for a sample proclamation language send them PHA's proclamation template!
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 2
3. Stay active throughout the process
The board/council may take a vote on the issue, and you should be present for that vote. Bring support group members, friends and family to show that living with PH affects many people, not just the patient.
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 3
4. Publicize the proclamation
Ask the issuing body if they will be informing members of the press. If not, consider issuing a news release. Work with PHA to create a press release. See sample press releases (Doc) or contact Elisabeth at 301-565-3004 x753 or If press will be there, be prepared to seize the opportunity to tell them about PH and the proclamation. Being present at the reading of the proclamation can increase the chances of getting press coverage.
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 4
5. Get a copy of the proclamation
Once the board has named November PH Awareness Month, the proclamation will become part of the public record and may be read at the town or council meeting. Make sure to get a hard copy of the proclamation, for your own records and to share with PHA
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 5
6. Tell PHA
Send a copy of the proclamation, media release, and samples of any press coverage generated to PHA. Contact Elisabeth at 301-565-3004 x753 or
Proclamation Cartoon - Step 6

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