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Sample Messages

Sample messages about Team PHenomenal Hope.

  • Sample Facebook post:
    Team PHenomenal Hope, an all-women cycling team featuring a PH-treating physician, will compete in a high-endurance cycling event, Race Across America in June 2014, raising awareness of PH and funds to support the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and research to find a cure. Learn more: www.PHAssociation.org/RaceOfOurLives

  • Sample Twitter post:
    @TeamPhenomHope cyclists will compete in Race Across America in June to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension & funds for a cure http://owl.li/nSYUx

Sample messages about the Race Across America.

  • Sample Facebook post:
    Race Across America (RAAM) is a grueling, high-endurance cycling event which pushes athletes to their limits across 3,000 miles and 170,000 vertical feet in elevation in 9 days.  The race, roughly 30% longer than the Tour de France, continues around-the-clock until riders cross the finish line. Follow Team PHenomenal Hope through this journey dedicated to PHA and the PH community. www.PHAssociation.org/RaceOfOurLives

  • Sample Twitter post:
    @TeamPhenomHope is participating in Race Across America, a high-endurance cycling event across 9 days & 3,000 miles in honor of PHA http://owl.li/nSYUx

Sample messages about Fundraising.

  • Sample Facebook post:
    PHA has launched the Race Of Our Lives campaign to rally PH community members behind Team PHenomenal Hope as they prepare to compete in Race Across America, a high-endurance cycling event. This campaign lets community members raise awareness of PH and funds for research alongside Team PHenomenal Hope through mile sponsorships, Unity Miles events or personal fundraising pages. Learn how you can join the Race of Our Lives and raise funds at www.PHAssociation.org/RaceOfOurLives
  • Sample Twitter post:
    PHA's #RaceOfOurLives campaign lets you raise awareness and funds to fight PH. Discover the options http://owl.li/nSYUx

Team Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about the team then share them with everyone you know to get the word out about the Race.

30 sec. video | 4.5 min. video

Did you know?

Cyclists in the Race Across America raise more than $2 million each year for a wide range of charitable causes. Put PH on the map!

Events & Pages

Dr. Hap Farber's Race of Our Lives Ski Challenge
March 2014

Join the PHenomenal Mile
April 12, 2014

Deanna Link's Page
Till May 30, 2014

Kim Turner's Page
Till May 30, 2014

Deanna Edwards's Page
Till May 30, 2014

Alyssa Jackson - Alyssa's Walk For The Cure
Till May 30, 2014

Raeana Rader - PHighting together for the Race of our Lives
Till May 30, 2014

Kristine Green - LiPHe in the Grand Valley
Till May 30, 2014

Joannie Yuille's Page
till May 30, 2014

Bonnie Patricelli's Page
till May 30, 2014

Tiffany Gunderman - Long Beach Support Group's Virtual Fund Raising Page
till May 30, 2014

Stacey Gausling's Page - The Phenomenal Mile - A Personal Challenge just for YOU!
till May 30, 2014

Lauren Boyton's Page - PHighting to Stay PHenomenal - PHiladelphia
in honor of Brooke's battle and all others battling PH

Jonathan Rigby's Ironman New Orleans Page
April 13, 2014

Nichole Holland Bardwell's Page

In Memory of Ashley Burkey

Kathleen Richardson's 3,000 Miles for PH
Nov. 2013 to June 2014

The PH Peddler: A 3,000 Mile Journey
ends June 2014

Want Race Gear?

Get a Race of Our Lives T-shirt, water bottle or bracelet. Sponsor 10 miles or more!

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