Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to using a personal fundraising page?

A personal fundraising page is a very individual and fun way to connect with your family and friends to tell them about your PH journey and let them know why raising funds for PHA programs is important to you. It also serves as a hub for your supporters to monitor your fundraising progress.

A personal fundraising page helps you raise more donations with less work! Reaching out online helps you quickly and easily connect with your network of supporters and enables them to donate safely and securely from anywhere in the world using a credit card.

On the administrative end, a personal fundraising page saves you (and PHA!) time and resources. Donations made through the page are automatically processed and deposited into PHA's bank account: This saves you the effort of collecting checks and mailing them to PHA, and gets the funds to PHA quickly and efficiently. Additionally, each donor receives an emailed thank you and tax acknowledgement immediately after making their donation, as well as a follow-up letter mailed from PHA.

Does this service cost anything?

Your personal fundraising page is free. PHA pays a small fee to our vendor for this service, but there are never any costs for you, the fundraiser.

How long does it take to set up a page?

Setting up a page is very simple. It requires no technical skills and typically takes less than 5 minutes once you've written your page's content, such as your connection to PH and why you are raising funds for PHA programs.

Can I change my page?

As much and as often as you'd like! It is very easy to edit your page, add or swap photos, and make other updates.

Is the personal fundraising page secure?

Yes. All transactions and data are captured and stored in a secure environment. Crowdrise, PHA's online fundraising vendor, is VeriSign secured and PCI compliant.

Can I also collect offline donations?

Absolutely! Your page is just one part of your fundraising approach, not your entire fundraising approach. You can still solicit donations face-to-face, or by mail or phone (Tip: Grandma would love to check out your page but still wants to receive a phone call). There is even an area on your page to record your offline donations so they are included in your total funds raised.

Can people donate anonymously?

Yes. Individuals can make a donation and choose to be listed on your page as "Anonymous." (Please note: their name will still be passed on to you and to PHA.)

Will I get spam?

Absolutely not. Crowdrise will never sell your email address to other companies.


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