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Choosing a Location, Date, and Time

Set a Date

Set a dateThe date of your event will impact the turnout and your overall success. Weekends are the most popular days to hold events and have the best attendance. But what else do you need to consider?

  • Is it an indoor or an outdoor event? What is the weather like in your area at different times of year? Warm weather season is best for outdoor events, preferably spring time before it gets too hot, or fall before it gets too cold! Keep in mind extreme weather will be a deterrent to participants and PH patients- even if the event is indoors.
  • What other big events are happening in your home town? Be sure there isn’t a big baseball game, concert, or other similar fundraiser at the same time that you will need to compete with, or that will cause major traffic delays. Check local calendar listings to see what else is going on.
  • Do you want the event to be part of PH Awareness Month in November? Do you want your event to coincide with a birthday, anniversary or other special day in your life?

Choose a Location

Depending on the kind of event, you have many possible options for a location.

UCSD Fun Walk 2005For Outdoor Events like fun walks, 5k races, baseball or golf tournaments

  • A local park or walking trail
  • Golf course
  • Sports stadium
  • College or University campus
  • Hospital grounds
  • Anywhere is possible!

Contact your city’s department of parks and recreation. They’ll let you know about permit and regulations for using public grounds. They may even recommend a location for an outdoor event. You can find your local park using the National Park Service website.

For Indoor Black-tie Events like galas, dances and silent auctions

  • HotelBowl PHor Cure 2007
  • Restaurant
  • Art gallery
  • Local theatre

For Indoor Family and Youth-oriented Events

  • A High School or Elementary school gym
  • College or University lecture halls
  • Shopping centers or malls
  • Bowling alley

When deciding between venues, consider these questions:

Liability Insurance?

Most locations will request proof of liability insurance for your event, especially if it is a “sporting” event. PHA offers up to $1,000,000 of insurance, and will work with you to secure it. If you believe that your event will need insurance, contact PHA.

  • Are there costs differences with renting a venue at certain times of year or dates? It is sometimes more expensive to reserve hotel space for a gala during “wedding season” and a park may cost more to reserve during national holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day or Independence Day.
  • What are the upfront and total costs for each venue you are considering? What does that cost actually include? What will you have to provide on the day of the event yourself?
  • What restrictions are there on how you use the space?  Can you serve alcohol? Are you obliged to use the venue’s catering service, or is outside food allowed?
  • How will people get there? Is it accessible by public transportation or easy to drive to? Is parking free or low cost?
  • Is the place handicap accessible? If you expect a lot of patients at the event, discuss in advance if you can increase the number of parking spots reserved as handicap spaces for that day, or set up valet parking with a group of volunteers so everyone can come straight to the door.


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