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Before you begin to organize your special event, remember that there are various ways an event can generate funds.

You should understand how sponsors and participants can get involved and support the event. Here are examples of how to fundraise and make your event a success:


2008 AZ Spur a Cure sponsors signVisit local businesses to spread news of your upcoming event. Pique their interest by offering them publicity and letting them know a donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Explain the event, as well as why you are coordinating it. Invite them to make a tax-deductible donation to PHA in exchange for their logo or ad on your program, T-shirt, goody bag, information booth at the finish line, and/or recognition during a speech at the event.

Donated goods and services: If local businesses decline to donate money, ask if they would be willing to support the event through an in-kind donation. For example, they could donate the printing of t-shirts, free copying of fliers, or items to be used in a raffle or silent auction. Although some donated services do not actually raise money for the event, they greatly reduce expenses, and increase the event’s fundraising.

View more information on how to solicit sponsors


Often, event coordinators ask for a registration fee from participants, ranging anywhere from $15 - $35 for funwalks, $50-$150 for gala’s and $75 and up for golf. Your registration fee should reflect your own costs, and what the person will get in return.  It is reasonable to increase your registration fee if you are providing a meal, t-shirts or other extras (even if a sponsor is covering the cost of these items). Offer discounts for children or waive the registration fee for those under 16 to encourage families to come.

Instead of charging a registration fee, you can also choose to have your participants set a personal fundraising goal of $50 - $150, and seek sponsors to donate to the cause. Attendees must turn in the money they’ve raised before or on the day of the event to be able to participate.

You can also do a combination of both fundraising options, charging a registration fee and offer solicitation of donations as an extra opportunity if the participants choose to do so.

One of the easiest ways to start fundraising for your event is by collecting registrations and providing online fundraising pages to participants through FirstGiving. FirstGiving is a quick and creative way to invite individuals to participate in your event or just to donate to the cause. After participants register, they can even create a personal fundraising page linked to your event that will display event details, fundraising goals and all who have donated. It also allows donors to post words of appreciation and encouragement!

Email for more information on how to create your official event listing on Firstgiving and how participants can register online and create their personal fundraising pages.


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