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How Can Volunteers Help?

volunteer helping out at softball tournamentVolunteers will be a HUGE help to you both before and during the event. Make sure to recruit volunteers early and assign tasks so that all responsibilities are covered.

The sky’s the limit with the amount of help volunteers can offer. They can do just about anything and everything before the big day from creating a flier, to approaching local businesses for sponsorship, to soliciting local churches and community groups for possible participants.

How Do I Recruit Volunteers?

If you have time, the best thing to do is to talk to each person individually, and find out what their interests are, what skills and experience they can bring to the event, and if they have any useful business or community contacts. To make the process easier, create a list of all tasks that need to be completed by volunteers before the event, as well as the day of the event. To stay organized, compile your notes, lists and volunteer contact information in a large binder. Bring this with you to all event planning meetings, and to the event itself.

Contact your local PH Support Group for help.

PHA can help you connect to your local group if you aren’t already in touch. You’ll want to talk about the event with the leader of the group to see if any members would be interested in helping. Be sure to present a list of tasks demonstrating small and large ways that individuals could get involved.

Voice your appreciation!
Make sure to thank event volunteers publicly at the event and present certificates or gifts to show your gratitude for all their hard work!

Enlist family and friends.

Of course your family and friends will want to help, but make sure that you ask them to get their spouses, friends and coworkers involved too!

Invite neighborhood and school groups to get involved.

Think about different groups of people that have volunteers such as local colleges, high schools, or church groups.  Colleges have many service based groups such as sororities, fraternities, leadership and honor societies, and service leagues.

Find volunteers online.

There are many free volunteer databanks online that match locals who are interested in cause-oriented events like your PH fundraiser. The Stanford Race Against PH likes because this service is for adult-age volunteers who can do a range of tasks. They are local to Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and other metropolitan cities. You can consider using them and other services online including: and to name a few.

Day-of Volunteer Tasks

  • Setting up tables
  • Registering participants*
  • Picking up food and supplies
  • Outdoor events:
    • measuring and marking the Fun Walk path,
    • putting up appropriate golf course signage
  • Directing traffic and parking
  • Blowing up balloons
  • Setting up chairs
  • Putting up signs
  • Setting up silent auction tables*
  • Selling raffle tickets*
  • Greeting participants
  • Timing speakers
  • Serving or cooking food

* Make sure any volunteer handling money or credit card information
  is someone you trust!


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