Sample Media Advisory

The media advisory is different from the press release in a few ways. Media advisories should be sent to news outlets about a week before your event. They contain only the basic information that you’ll cover in your press release: what, why, when and where?

It’s useful to think of the media advisory as an invitation for the media to attend your event, whereas the press release does more to offer a story idea. Send your press release to media outlets a few weeks before your event, then follow-up with a media advisory.

Media advisories and TV reporters

If you’re inviting a TV station to cover your event, sending a media advisory a few days beforehand will probably be more effective than sending a press release weeks earlier. Send both, but be aware that TV news reporters work on much faster timetables, so they may not make a decision to cover your event until a day beforehand, or even the day of.

Your Name

Phone number
123 Your Street
Your Town, State 12345

For [date of event]


Your Name, email, phone number

Day of week, Month, Date, Year
[Include relevant information on event registration and important times of particular components of your event if necessary]

[Insert directions here to the location, parking areas, etc…]

[Insert the name of your event here]

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a debilitating, life threatening illness. PH is often misdiagnosed, causing many people to lose valuable treatment time and leading to a poor prognosis. It can affect small children and the elderly, but most often it strikes women in the prime of their lives. Currently there is no cure for PH, but many recent research advances provide hope. PH is a rare illness that currently impacts approximately 100,000 Americans. [Include a sentence about local patients].

Proceeds from [Insert the name of your event] will aid the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA) efforts to provide patient support, expand medical research and disseminate the latest information to the PH community. You can visit PHA’s website at to learn more about PHA’s work.


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