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How to Solicit Sponsors

There is no rule or formula for how much money an event can earn. Still, the more time and energy you put into soliciting sponsorships, the greater your potential to raise funds for the cause! Use the following tips and ideas as guidelines. Be creative and let your knowledge of your local community inform your decisions on who to approach and how to outreach to potential sponsors.

Sponsor Possibilities:

  • Approach your spouse’s, friends’ and family’s workplaces for sponsorships.
  • Approach specialty pharmacies servicing the PH community for sponsorships.
  • Large and small local businesses may donate gift certificates or goods for your live/silent auction or goody bags.
  • Local grocery stores or restaurants may donate food, drinks, snacks, and/or bottled water for the event.
  • Approach printers for donations or special rates for copies and sign production.

Since you’re fundraising for PHA, you’ll have our Tax-ID # as proof that your event is a legitimate non-profit event. This means businesses’ and individuals’ donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Develop a sponsorship plan before you start.

Create a list of local businesses, corporations, and pharmaceutical companies that you wish to solicit before taking action. Look to your planning committee and other volunteers to help add to the list. Two heads are better than one, so why not five? Chances are they have connections (through friends and family) to additional workplaces that might be interested in contributing.

Assess your costs and fundraising goals.

Before you approach sponsors, take a look at your needs — music, food, t-shirts and water bottles are among some sponsorship ideas for your walk. Be sure to tailor your message accordingly. Could several sponsors cover the cost? Use your budget to help you approach sponsors (and minimize costs in the process!).

Decide how you want to approach sponsors and draft a letter (or work with one of our sample letters!)

When soliciting local businesses for potential sponsorship, it is best to talk with them in person. It is also recommended that you leave a letter or packet of information explaining your event and PHA with them. PHA provides you with four sample sponsorship invitation letters so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (PDFs: sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4). You should customize your letter using one of the examples. If you want help writing or editing your letter, please ask!

Arizona Golf Tournament showed gratitude to the pharmaceutical companies and local businesses that sponsored them with this stylish ball and tee display (below). You can also recognize sponsors on brochures, fliers, banners and t-shirts. Make sure to tell your potential sponsors about the recognition they will receive by participating in your event!


Signs recognizing golf tournament sponsors



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