Publicize Your Event & Recruit Participants

Through marketing materials, personal contacts, and word of mouth

Participants bring heart and energy to each PHA special event, so turnout is crucial to the overall awareness-raising and fundraising impact of your event. As much time and effort should be devoted to publicizing your event and recruiting participants as planning event logistics!

The list below provides ideas of how you can spread the word about your event to family, friends and your entire community!

Advertising through PHA

Contact us at to get started.

  • Share your event details with PHA. We’ll immediately begin advertising your fundraiser on our online event calendar, bi-weekly e-newsletter PHANews and our quarterly print newsletter Pathlight.
  • After designing your event flier and print registration/donation forms, email or mail a copy of each to PHA and we’ll mail the information to our members in your region. This really helps with turnout!
  • Closer to your event date, PHA will coordinate a follow-up email with your event information to PHA members in your region.

Advertising through your community

“Specialty pharmacies were an incredible help. Some took all their patient addresses and mailed our brochure to everyone”
-PHA special event organizer

You’ll find that many community members share your goals and are willing to volunteer their time and resources to help promote your event.

Contact your PH medical professionals/closest PH clinic. They may be able to post fliers in the hospital, pass out brochures to patients, or even mail directly to all of their PH patients.

Ask your local PH-related pharmaceutical company and specialty pharmacy representatives to your event flier or brochure to the patients they serve.

Local businesses that provide products or services related to the type of event you’re hosting might post a flier, invite customers, or mail/email to their VIP or customer lists.

  • If hosting a sporting event, try your local athletic equipment store, golf store or fitness center.
  • If hosting a gala, try fine dining restaurants, hotels, or businesses that advertise with your event venue.

Ask your event sponsors and in-kind donors to post a flier in their storefront and employee break room, or office.

Invite local networks to participate

Increase your event’s turnout by approaching community and membership groups who can in turn invite their own members to attend or volunteer.

Approach your local PH support group! These groups are committed to our shared cause and will benefit by meeting other patients and community supporters.

Invite your local church, community, civic and religious organizations, college sororities/fraternities (who may adopt PH as a cause) and other networks in your area.



We have graphics for you to download for your brochures and fliers.

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Special Events Forum

Connect with our nationwide network of volunteer special events organizers. PHA's Special Events Forum is an email group for sharing and receiving planning tips, advice and encouragement!

Join PHA's Special Events Forum (Requires a free Google account. Please allow a short delay while your group membership is processed.)


Take your event advertising plan online through PHA’s online registration and fundraising tool.

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