50 State Challenge Success Stories

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50 State Media Challenge Successes


Arizona — Active PH Community Member Raises Awareness in Her Hometown 

Joy Gore gained coverage about pulmonary hypertension in the Arizona, Nevada, California tri-state area by discussing her experiences with the disease and her work as a support group leader. Gore's Awareness Month triumphs include convincing her representative to co-sponsor the Tom Lantos Research and Education Act, obtaining a proclamation for Awareness Month from the governor, and raising funds for PH as co-chair of a fundraising gala.

California — Lifelong Friends Talk about Life with PH

Dawn Contreras and her best friend Amanda Schulte were diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension when they were kids. In this article, they talk about their lifelong friendship, Amanda's recent transplant surgery and Dawn's wait for a double lung transplant. Read the article

California — Mother with PH Undergoes Heart Transplant

Dawn Contreras recently underwent a heart transplant after waiting over a year on the transplant list. Amanda Schulte, Dawn’s best friend and another PH patient who underwent a successful transplant, said, "She's sitting up, she's talking. She's very, very happy."

California — 2nd Annual 5K Race/Walk Held in Taylor Caffrey's Memory

Shari Caffrey worked with reporter Sharon Hlapcich on a story that appeared in the Orange County Register about a her annual fundraiser held in memory of her daughter Taylor. In the article, Shari discussed Taylor’s great spirit throughout all of her medical ordeals. "Tay was truly an angel on earth and a blessing to all who knew her… and will continue to be an inspiration to so many people," Shari said of her daughter. Read the article

California — Transplant “will provide a new heart and lungs for broken ones”

Nine-year-old Katie Grace Groebner’s family talked to the Clayton Pioneer about the fundraising efforts and preparations for the heart and lung transplant she needs. Read the article

California — New Mother Benefits from New NICU Family Suite

Reporters talked to new mother Ramona Washington, about the new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) family suite at Cedars Sinai Maxine Dunitz Children’s Center. The suite allows her to learn how to care for her son Roman, who has PH, in the presence of hospital staff. “Last night was my first night, being in the suite with him, just me and him alone, I had assistance from the nurses if I needed it, but it was really me doing it by myself so… it was interesting,” Ramona said. Read the article

California — Heart Operation Date Set for Three Year Old Cambodian with PH

The Long Beach Press-Telegram published a story about three year old Bunlak Song from Cambodia who was born with a large hole in his heart, which caused his pulmonary hypertension. Doctors at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will perform an open-heart operation to fix the hole in Bunlak’s heart. Read the article

California — Skydiving Fundraiser Honors PH Patient

Special Event Organizer David Hughes promoted his skydiving fundraiser “Fallin’ 4 A Purpose” in . Read The Lompoc Record and The Santa Maria Times  

California — PH Patient Serves Ice Cream to Benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation

PH patient Katie Groebner spent a few hours serving ice cream in an Antioch Cold Stone Creamery to promote the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The 9-year-old’s own wish came true with a visit to Walt Disney World. Read the article

California — Ronald McDonald House Provides Help for Mother and her Daughter

In this article, which appeared in the Imperial Valley Press, Melissa Manriquez talked to reporters about how the Ronald McDonald House has helped her while her daughter receives medical treatment. “She’s had two major surgeries and I’ve lost count of how many procedures she’s actually had,” Manriquez said. “She’s on oxygen 24-7, she’s on a feeding tube (and) has pulmonary hypertension. Honestly right now we don’t know (what’s going to happen with Kiyari’s condition) so we continue to stay at the Ronald House.” Read the article

California — Father of PH Patient Explains How he Manages as a Caregiver to His Daughter

Craig Sheffer talked to a reporter about coping as a caregiver to his 18-year-old daughter with pulmonary hypertension. “One of the things my wife and I did early on was decide we were going to hold hands through the darkness,” he explained. “We recognized that when the stress became really intense, it would be too easy to take it out on each other, so we decided we needed to be a team to get through this.” Read the article

California—PH Doctor Presented with Proclamation Recognizing PH Awareness Month

The Diamond Bar City Council presented a proclamation recognizing November as Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month. Dr. Cho-Han Victor Cheng shared information on symptoms and the disease. “When you have shortness of breath, that’s the time you need to go see your doctor,” he said. “Pulmonary hypertension can be there and no one is aware. The earlier you catch it there is a treatment. Medication can help.” Read the article

California – Special Event Launches the 6-Minute Marathon

This press release issued by the Vera Moulton Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease at Stanford promotes awareness about PH and their annual race against PH. It also announced the launch of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association's 6-Minute Marathon. Read the press release PH patient Nathan Diehl, who participated in the annual Race Against PH at Stanford, tells his story in this interview with the Stanford School of Medicine blog. Read the interview

Colorado — Four-Year-Old with PH Goes on Make a Wish Cruise

Jennica Clasby talked to a reporter about what her daughter Brooklyn goes through on a daily basis including the costs of managing the disease, traveling and PH and their family’s upcoming Disney cruise.

Colorado — Mom Raises PH Awareness To End Misdiagnosis

Susie Ryan talked to the about her son’s struggles before he was diagnosed. “He was so advanced by the time we actually found out what was wrong with him,” Susie said. “I just hope that other people (in Summit County) will see the signs, and if their child has something like that they'll recognize it early.” Read the article

Colorado — Mother of PH Patient Donates AED to Local School

Jennifer Maki spoke to reporters about The Skyler Foundation, which teamed up with the Cardiac Science Company to donate an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the Primrose School of Thornton, Colorado. The foundation was named for Jennifer’s daughter Skyler who lost her battle with PH in 2007. Read the article

Colorado – Woman Educates About Oxygen Concentrators

PH patient Margaret Hrchek speaks out in this article about patients overpaying for oxygen concentrators. Read the article

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Delaware — Fundraiser for the “Miracle for Molly Dunne Fund”

Molly Dunne’s family talked to reporters about Molly’s PH diagnosis, medical progress and the fundraiser they organized to help cover Molly’s medial costs. “She’s always been probably one of the smartest and most determined kids I’ve known,” said Erin Lacy, a family friend. Read the article

Delaware — Young PH Patient Excited to Return Home After Extensive Hospital Stays

Kristen Dunne recounted the hospital stays, medical emergencies and procedures her daughter Molly went through since her PH diagnosis. Molly recently became the second child in the U.S. to use the Novalung, which is an artificial lung that operates outside the body and allows the heart to pump blood while giving the lungs a chance to rest.

Florida — Daughter Writes about her Role as Caregiver

Melissa Holsman, a staff writer for TC Palm, shares the tough decisions she and her siblings will make about the kind of care they will provide to their 82-year old mother, who has pulmonary hypertension. Read the article

Florida — Former PH Patient Recalls Post Transplant Experience

Charity Tillemann-Dick wrote a guest commentary in that focused on her experience immediately following her transplant surgery and what she learned about herself through the process. Read the article

Florida — PHA Founder Speaks at Local Support Group Meeting announced Pat Paton, founder of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and current board member, as the featured speaker at the Brevard County Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group. Read the article

Florida  — Chili Cook-Off and Bake Sale Raises Money for PH

The Orlando PH Support Group's Chili Cook-Off and Bake Sale was highlighted in the Sentinel's events section. Read the event announcement

Georgia — Hundreds of Bikers Raise Money for a PH Patient’s Transplant

Victoria Doolittle received coverage from her local newspaper and radio station because of the bike ride fundraiser her community is holding to raise money for her transplant operation and to increase PH awareness in Albany, Georgia. Watch her news coverage and read article

Georgia — Couple’s Retirement Plan Changes Due to High PH Expenses

Kathryn and Mike Buffington talked to a local online reporter at about the recent changes they made to their retirement plan after Kathryn was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Kathryn, a financial planner, offers tips on preparing for retirement based on her own experience. Read the article

Georgia — Two Doctors Put the Focus on Pulmonary Hypertension

Dr. Nehal Bhatt and his partner, Dr. Karan Julka talked to a reporter at The Athens Banner-Herald about pulmonary hypertension and why they decided to specialize in treating PH. Read the article

Georgia – Benefit Held for Young PH Patient      

Kamarion Kemp’s family and friends held a benefit for the two-year-old who has congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and other illnesses affecting his heart, lungs and eyes.

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Hawaii — Maui Community Rallies for PH Patient and Activist

Cindy Cabrera Cline’s community pulled together to raise money for her pulmonary hypertension treatments while Cindy waits for a transplant. Read the article

Indiana — PH Patient Participates in Make-A-Wish Foundation Competition

Abby Sherwood is a nine year old girl with PH. Recently, she spoke to reporters at the about the turkey cheeseburger recipe she entered into a Make-A-Wish Foundation recipe competition.

Indiana — Mother of PH Patient, Families of Other NICU Patients Connect

Kelli Lawrence spoke to reporters about attending a reunion picnic for parents of children who received neonatal care for life threatening conditions. Her son was treated for his pulmonary hypertension two years ago.

Indiana — Mother of PH Patient, Families of Other NICU Patients Gather Together

Kelli Lawrence spoke to reporters about attending a reunion picnic for parents of children who received neonatal care for life threatening conditions. Her son was treated for his pulmonary hypertension two years ago.

Iowa — Start! Heart Walk Honors Young PH Patient

Andrew Samuelson’s community in West Branch, Iowa held a fundraiser walk honoring the 6 year old pulmonary hypertension patient. Andrew has been living with the disease since he was born, “most 6-year old boys finish kindergarten knowing the alphabet, how to tie their shoes and how to count to 100. But one West Branch boy at Hoover Elementary knows that and more: what pulmonary hypertension is and how a pacemaker feels.” Read the article

Iowa — After Transplant, 6-Year Old Enjoys Physical Activities

As a 6-year old, Andrew Samuelson spends his time playing catch and shooting baskets. However in this news article in the Eastern Iowa Gazette, his mother Tonya told a reporter that there was a period of Andrew’s life when she and her husband weren’t sure whether he could handle activities requiring physical exertion. Read the article

Iowa – Annual Fundraiser for Scholarship Fund Held

Liz Kirke, a member of the Chi Omega sorority, passed away from PH in 1985. Her brother had also passed away from PH at the age of 16. A scholarship fund was established in Liz's memory and the sorority sisters raise money for the fund each year. Read the article

Kansas—PH Patient Takes the Ride of his Life

Jim Gebhardt was interviewed by his local newspaper about his efforts to raise PH awareness during his nine day, 4,015-mile, motorcycle ride throughout the 11 states in the American west. Read the article

Kansas — PH Fundraiser Covered Multiple Times by Local Newspaper

PH patient Jean Schulz had several news stories printed in The Hill City Times before and after her PH fundraiser “Ride PHor the Cure.”

Kentucky—Haitian Teenager Receives PH Care in the U.S.

After 2010’s massive earthquake, Haitian citizen Stephanie Privert was sent to Louisville, KY. Shortly after she arrived, Stephanie was diagnosed with a leaking heart valve and severe pulmonary hypertension. In this article, she talks about her ordeal and her upcoming trip back to her native Haiti.

Louisiana — PH Patient and Wife Prep for Transplant

Gregory Washington and his wife Barbara were interviewed about Greg’s upcoming transplant and the costs associated with pulmonary hypertension. Gregory said, "I used to get on my four-wheeler to feed my dog, check my mail or bring my trash to the front. Now, if I walk from my bedroom to the living room I'm out of wind, and I can't go nowhere without my oxygen tanks."

Louisiana — Family Hosts Celebration of Life for PH Patient

Chelsea Ann Umbach’s family spoke to about Chelsea’s PH diagnosis, her transplant and the upcoming celebration of Chelsea. In addition to remembering Chelsea, who lost her life to PH, the family is hosting a representative from an organ donation organization to speak to guests about organ donation. Read the article

Louisiana – Newly Diagnosed Patient Talks About Life with PH

Martha Thompson, a 75-year-old woman who was just diagnosed with PH four months ago, talks about PH and her new PH support group.

Maine — Patient Talks about Life with Two Rare Diseases

Renee Brodeur was always active in sport in high school, however that was before the 25-year old was diagnosed with two rare diseases: Still’s Disease and pulmonary hypertension. In this newspaper article that appeared in The Times Record and The Bangor Daily News Renee talked about the double-lung transplant her doctors recommend for her and the energy she expends on the phone battling over medical bills and insurance denials. Read The Bangor Daily News articles

Maine — Mother Recalls Rush to Transplant Surgery

Renee Brodeur is recovering well from a recent double lung transplant. Her mother, Madeleine Brodeur recalled the phone call from the hospital, the rush to get her daughter there and the five hour surgery that followed. Madeleine expects her daughter's life to return to normal once she recovers from the extensive surgery. “She will be like anybody else — work, run, do anything anybody else does,” she said. Read the article

Massachusetts — PH Doctors Give Phenominal Care to Mass. Family

JoAnn Buccigrosso spoke to a reporter about her husband who recently lost his battle with PH.  JoAnn talked about the "phenomenal" experience her family had with his team of doctors at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Michigan – Complications from PH Affect One Family Business

Rose Gjorgjeski and her husband are closing their family bakery after his diagnosis with pulmonary hypertension. They know it's the right thing to do, but Rose says, "Meeting these people, the wonderful customers ... they're not just customers, they are family." Watch the video

Minnesota — DuBois Family Holds Multiple Fundraisers for Brody

Brody Luc DuBois was born with congenital heart disease and pulmonary arterial hypertension. In this article in The Star Tribune, his mother Staff Sgt. Crystal DuBois talked about the ongoing medical care Brody continues to receive and urged community members to attend a number of fundraiser events to help pay for some of Brody’s medical expenses. Read the article

Minnesota — PH Patient Reflects on Her Journey Towards Diagnosis and Her Upcoming Transplant Surgery

Sonya Ganz was diagnosed with PH in 2009 and is now awaiting a double lung transplant. She spoke to reporters about her lengthy transplant process. Read the article

Mississippi — Patient and Doctor Explain Struggle to Properly Diagnose PH

Sylvia Wallace spoke to a reporter for the Clarion Ledger about her struggle to get a proper pulmonary hypertension diagnosis. She also shared the adjustments she made after her 2008 diagnosis in this article entitled “Hard to Breathe.” Dr. Timothy Cannon of Jackson Pulmonary Associates provided additional information about the symptoms, causes and treatments of PH. 

Mississippi — Daughter Discusses Her Mother’s Recent Transplant Surgery

Donna McCracken St. Amant’s family spoke to a newspaper reporter about Donna’s recent bilateral lung transplant to treat her pulmonary hypertension. The New Orleans resident was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension at the end of 2010. Read the article 

Mississippi  PH Patient and Doctor Educate Community About Disease

PH patient Michael Condreay and Dr. Ijlal Bahber from the Singing River Health System Regional Pulmonary Hypertension Center in Ocean Springs team up to explain PH in this interview. Watch the video

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Missouri — Support Group Leader Reaches out to PH Patients

Florine Tripp talked with the Columbia Daily Tribune about her life with pulmonary hypertension and her new role as the Mid-Missouri Support Group Leader. Amy Fair, a fellow support group member said, “Even if nobody else shows up” to the support group meeting, “I’ve met Florine, and Florine and I are together.” Read the article

Missouri — Benefit for Young PH Patient

The Quincy Herald Whig wrote about the upcoming “Benefit for Brayden” at the South Side Boat Club. Brayden was born two months premature and has pulmonary hypertension in addition to several other conditions.

Missouri — Pulmonologist Raises PH Awareness

Dr. Neil Ettinger wrote a column for The St. Louis Today about the symptoms, causes and treatments of pulmonary hypertension. Read the article

Missouri  Column Raises PH Awareness, Gets Patient a PH Diagnosis

In August, an anonymous reader thanked Dr. Donahue for publishing a letter about pulmonary hypertension in his nationally syndicated news column. The individual wrote that after reading the article, they decided to see a doctor, were diagnosed with PH and began receiving treatment.  Read the article

Montana — Newly Diagnosed Patient Finds a New Normal

Sally Fromdahl McDuffee was recently diagnosed with PH. In this article, she talks about the adjustments she made in her daily life after she was diagnosed and the upcoming benefit her friend will hold in her honor. Read the article

Montana — Man Has Successful Heart-Lung Transplant

Milton Gilmer was diagnosed with PH in 2006 and told by doctors that he needed a heart and lung transplant. After struggling with his insurance company, Milton was successfully transplanted in 2010. Read the article

Nebraska—Toddler Well Enough to Spend Christmas Out of the Hospital and at Home

Jack Wadzinski spent his first Christmas in the NICU. This year the toddler was able to spend the holiday at home with his family. “It's such an important time of year,” said Jack’s dad David Wadzinksi. “So to have Santa and Mrs. Klaus come and visit him again, that's fantastic.” Read the article

New Jersey — Eight-Year-Old PH Patient Impacts His Community

Randy Ramos’ community held a fundraiser for his pulmonary hypertension treatment. "I just can't express enough how much we appreciate everyone supporting us," said Randy’s mother Monique Mayes-Roulhac. "It's just kind of unreal to me." Read the article

New Jersey — Support Group Leader Puts Focus on Special Event

Pulmonary hypertension patient Melanie Kozak wrote an article in the “Get Published” section of about a fundraiser to honor a local 3-year old PH patient. In addition to providing details on the upcoming special event, Melanie took the time to explain the difference between hypertension and pulmonary hypertension.

New Jersey — Upcoming Art Show Held in Maritza's Memory

Alice Matiz spoke to reporters about her upcoming special event in memory of her sister Maritza. The June 11 art show will feature Maritza’s artwork and the work from three other local artists. “My sister was feisty, talented, intelligent, and believed in speaking her mind. I want to keep her memory alive,” Alice said to the Read the article

New Jersey—Inaugural Fun Walk Held in Honor of 3-Year-Old PH Patient

PH Patient and local support group leader Melanie Kozak was diagnosed with PH 14 years ago. She talked to a reporter at The Sentinel about pulmonary hypertension and the upcoming fun walk held in honor of Olivia Marie, a young PH patient who’s been battling the disease since birth. Read the article

New Jersey — Ten–Year-Old PH Patient’s Condition Improves

Randy Ramos was diagnosed with PH in early 2011 and told five months later that he would need a lung transplant. After several hospital stays and medical scares, Randy’s condition improved enough to be removed from the transplant list. Since then, Randy has returned to school and has been educating his classmates about his disease. Pointing to the backpack that gives him lifesaving medication, Randy explained, “I was on medicine in the hospital, and this is the same stuff, but it’s not on a pole, it’s in a book bag that I have to wear all the time.” Read the article

New Jersey – PH Patient Talks About Proclamation To Local Reporter

PH patient JoMarie Bennett and her husband Vincent received a proclamation designating November PH Awareness Month from their city council. This short description of the presentation includes a photo. Read the article

New Jersey – Community Supports Young Boy with PH

Mahwah High School T-Birds and their fans dressed in purple to support Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month and team mascot Vinny Accurso, who is living with PH. (And just in case you're interested, the T-Birds won the game 55-20!) Read the Mahwah Patch article & read the article

New Mexico – Special Event Coordinator Raises PH Awareness and Funds

Jason Garcia appeared on The Steve Davis Show, an online television show, to raise awareness about PH and to promote his 2nd Annual Fun Run/Walk. the walk is held in memory of his father who passed from PH. Watch the video (starts @ 2:30 ticker)

New York  Spirit Award and Softball Tournament Named After PH Patient

Scott and Gail Badman spoke to reporters about the Spirit Award and an annual softball tournament to benefit a scholarship named after their daughter, Koryn, who died from pulmonary hypertension. The Badman’s told reporters, “She was a special girl to a lot of people. She was a motivator, if anything, to a lot of people even still today. Strive for excellence, do your best no matter what circumstances you face.” Read the article

New York — Family Hosts Fundraiser for Teenager with PH

Bryson Bottini’s family talked to reporters about a spaghetti dinner benefit they held to help cover his medical expenses, which total about $40,000 every month. His mother Grace Bottini said, “Bryson’s situation involves a lot of medicine and treatments that he cannot live without…$40,000 is a lot of money and the money from the fundraiser is typically used to cover travel expenses (to Philadelphia Children’s Hospital)” Read the article

New York — Lung Transplant Recipient Promotes Organ Donation

Charity Tillemann-Dick spoke to reporters about her life with pulmonary hypertension and the importance of organ donation. Charity received a lung transplant two years ago. Read the article

New York – Patient Talks about November as PH Awareness Month

Lisa Lannone wrote this piece about PH Awareness Month, the importance of recognizing the symptoms of PH and her PH support group.

North Carolina — New PH Clinic Opens in East Carolina University

In an article that appeared on, Dr. Sunil Sharma talked about the newly opened pulmonary hypertension clinic in East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine. Read the article

North Carolina — 5K Fun Walk Features 6-Minute Walk Event

The inaugural Race Against Pulmonary Hypertension 5K Walk and Run was recently promoted on in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to raising money for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, the event featured a 6-minute walk to represent the clinical six minute walk distance used to evaluate the exercise capacity in PH patients. Read the article

Ohio — Christian Tencza MD Explains PH to His Community

Christian Tencza’s informative article in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette gave an in depth explanation of pulmonary hypertension, distinguished PH from hypertension, highlighted the difficulties in diagnosing patients, and briefly discussed treatment options for patients.

Ohio — Patient is Passionate Spokesman for Pulmonary Hypertension

Z.M. Kakish, a PH patient on oxygen and 24 hour IV medication, spoke to reporters about PH and the upcoming Cleveland Area PH Support Group Walk and Roll. Read the article

Ohio Support Group Promotes Upcoming Fundraiser

Z.M. Kakish and Merle Reeseman wrote an announcement for to promote their Fifth Annual Walk and roll. Read the announcement 

Ohio – PH Doctor Featured for Attending PH Symposium

Dr. Christian Tencza and his team at Fairfield Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates at the Fairfield Medical Center were featured for attending PHA's PH Professional Network Symposium.

Ohio – Judge Talks About Her PH Diagnosis: “It Went from a Sentence to a Reprieve”

Judge Nancy McDonnell talked to a reporter about her pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and her life since.  Read the article

Ohio—Military Father Surprises Kids for Christmas        

Matthew Sharp returned from the Middle East to surprise his two sons, one of whom has pulmonary hypertension. "No present or gift can compare to kids," said Sharp. Watch the video and read the article

Oklahoma — Mother of Former PH Patient Provides Families with Support

After Shelly Adams’ daughter passed away in 2010, she decided to work with her local ministry to provide support to other parents and children who face extended stays at the hospital. The care packages that Shelly gives local families show them that someone cares and understands what they are going through. “Those baskets might not seem a lot to other people, but when you practically live in the hospital, it was a huge blessing to have those extra items on hand and one less worry,” Adams said. Read the article

Pennsylvania — PH Patient Attends Local Disability Resource Expo

York Daily Record focused an article on West Manchester resident and PH patient Francine Throne who was one of 100 people who attended the Disability Resource Expo. Francine was diagnosed with PH years ago and told the reporter that she was a “virtual shut-in” until she began using a scooter two months ago.

Pennsylvania—PH Patient Needs Transplant After Years of Misdiagnosis

Tricia May spoke to reporters about the double lung transplant she needs. Doctors told Tricia she’d probably lived her entire life with PH, but she didn’t notice any symptoms until about five years ago. Read the article

Pennsylvania — PH Patient Finds Hope in Support Group Meetings

Littlestown, PA resident and PH patient Mary Svikhart described what she went through since she was diagnosed. Now, she finds comfort in going to pulmonary hypertension support group meetings. “We do not sit around weeping,” she said, “It is all about hope. It is all about comparing notes, sharing tips on how to deal with this disease.” Read the article

Pennsylvania — Athlete Starts 13,500 Mile Bike Ride to Raise Awareness

After losing her godmother to breast cancer and her cousin to pulmonary hypertension, 25-year old Kara Borel talked about her hope to set out on a 13,500 mile, six month bike ride through every state capital in the 48 contiguous states to raise awareness. Read the article

Pennsylvania — Pennsylvania Hospital Heart Transplant Program Named Best in Patient Outcomes

Dr. Ray Benza, the Medical Director of Allegheny’s Advanced Heart Failure, Transplantation, Mechanical Circulatory Support and Pulmonary Hypertension Program spoke to reporters about the US News and World Report’s rankings which designates Allegheny General Hospital’s Heart Transplant Program as the best in patient outcomes in Pennsylvania. Allegheny General Hospital performed 31 heart transplants in 2010.

Pennsylvania High School Student Rides Bike, Raises Awareness in Memory of Loved Ones

In 2010, Kara Borel lost her cousin to pulmonary hypertension and her grandmother to breast cancer, which is why earlier this year, she decided to cycle across the country to the capitol cities of the 48 contiguous states in their memory. The trip will take five months and will conclude in Olympia, Wash. "Going cross country, it's kind of symbolic. I'm not just doing this for one person. This represents America and what better way to do that than go through each state?" Borel said. Read the article 

Pennsylvania  PH Patient Is Prepared for Emergencies

After over a week of extensive rain in Pennsylvania, PH patient Patricia Geisinger, who relies on an oxygen tank to treat her PH, spoke to reporters about the danger she would go through if the power went out for an extended period of time. Read the article 

Pennsylvania  Family Member of PH Patient Participates in Fight for Air Walk

Karen McNichols lost her niece to PH. That’s why she joined The American Lung Association for their 10th annual Fight for Air Walk. The event raised money for more lung disease research.

Pennsylvania – Passionate Patient Talks about her Life with Pulmonary Hypertension

 This article features the story of 81-year-old patient and PH support group leader Joan Stevenson. "I won't take: 'It can't be done' as an answer," says Joan. Read article and see short video clip of Joan

Pennsylvania – Young Girl Donates to Make A Wish

Seven-year-old Ashley Conner is giving away some of her belongings in exchange for donations to the Make A Wish Foundation. Read the article

Rhode Island — PH Doctor Begins New Study on Combination Therapy

Dr. James Klinger, M.D., medical director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Center at Rhode Island Hospital, spoke to reporters at a large local blog, about the Ambition Trial, which is a new study he’s conducting to determine the effectiveness of combination therapy. Read the article

South Carolina — Zombie Walk Raises Funds for Pulmonary Hypertension

The Zombie Walk, which included some members of the Occupy Charleston Movement, raised funds for the Medical University of South Carolina for pulmonary hypertension.

South Carolina – Support Group Leader Writes Letter to the Editor

Doug Taylor wrote this letter to the editor about PH, the need for earlier diagnosis, and the importance of research and education. Doug urges readers to contact their Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Tom Lantos PH Research and Education Act.

South Dakota — Nurse Shares her PH Diagnosis Journey and Hope for the Future

Kari Trapp used to work twelve hour shifts at the Rapid City Regional Hospital, but had to cut back on her work schedule after her PH diagnosis. Despite her disease, she vows to live life to the fullest. “Instead of living like I am dying, I plan to live like I am living, because I am,” she said. “Every day I wake up and am thankful for another day.” Read the article

South Dakota — Prosthetic Heart Gives Father More Time with Family

Eight years ago, John Gustafson found out he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which caused the walls of his heart to thicken. He eventually developed pulmonary hypertension. After a prosthetic heart surgery, John has had some ups and downs, but he is mostly grateful to be able to spend more time with his family, “It's wonderful to be able to be with my children and go to their events and have a relationship with them instead of being in the hospital all the time," he says.

Tennessee — Knoxville Father Discusses his Son’s PH and Managing his IT Business

Dave Sagraves shared his perspective on balancing his IT business with what matters most—spending time with his family. Read the article

Tennessee — Mother of a PH Patient Excited about Daughter's Life After Transplant

Two-year old Elizabeth Jetton received a double-lung transplant and is on the road to recovery. In this article, her mother Sheila, who is a member of the Chattanooga Police Department, discussed her excitement about the new chapter in her daughter’s life and expressed her appreciation for the $10,000 in donations her coworkers raised for her family. Read the article

Tennessee – Doctor and PH Patient Educate Local Community

Dr. Mike Czarnecki and patient Christine Wilkinson team up to educate others in this interview about PH and its symptoms. Read article

Tennessee – Local Support Group Leader Talks Support Groups, Awareness Month and Proclamations!

Barbara Thompson pitched this press release about PH Awareness Month that included information PH, PH Awareness Month proclamations from Governor Bill Haslam, Shelby County and the city of Bartlett, and how to get in touch with resources at PHA. Read the press release

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Texas — PH Patient Treated at PH Clinic in Baylor

Linda McDonald and Erika Applin shared their journeys towards a pulmonary hypertension diagnosis. Prior to diagnosis, Linda said, "I never took a sick day and hardly ever took an aspirin. Then all of the sudden I would have to stop and catch my breath for a good 10 minutes."

Texas — Annual CrawPHish Fundraiser to Raise Funds for PH Research

The Ultimate Woodlands announced this year's upcoming CrawPHish Festival, a fundraiser for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. Festival Director Kristy Villarreal said, “It is a fun-filled day for family and friends with proceeds going to a wonderful cause. We look forward to a successful event and many more years to come.” Read the article

Texas — Dallas Community Provides Resources for Infant with Pulmonary Hypertension

Heather McGovern’s seventeen-month old daughter, Alexah McGovern, was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. In this article, Heather described the financial hardships she continues to go through to provide care to her daughter and the support her community provided to help her. Read the article (Requires subscription)

Texas — PH Patient: PH Will Not Make Me Give Up on Life

Throughout her life, Julie Camara’s personal mantra was that her PH would not make her give up on life. In this Your Houston News article, she talks about her life with PH, the immediate and long term double-lung transplant operation expenses and the “To Catch a Breath” fundraiser her community is holding to help her pay her overwhelming expenses. Read the article

Texas — Two PH Patients Discuss Life with PH

Pulmonary hypertension patients Yvette Pedroza and Stuart Berwick were interviewed in their local newspaper about issues that affect most PH patients including misdiagnosis, the expenses involved in managing the disease, the number of their medications, the complex nature of their medications and their relationship with their caregivers. Read the article 

Texas — Benefit Held to Cover Medical Costs for PH Patient

Julie Camara spoke to a reporter about her life before and after her transplant and her town’s motorcycle fun run was holding to help offset her medical costs. Camara has had to take 15 pills twice a day to maintain her health since her transplant and the cost ($2,000-5,000 per month with insurance) is overwhelming. Read the article

Texas — Upcoming Woodlands CrawPHish Festival Receives Grant from Local Company

The Woodlands CrawPHish Festival received one of many grants from Entergy, a Texas utility company. The Woodlands CrawPHish Festival will be held Saturday, March 24, 2012, from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., at Town Green Park. Read the article

Texas – Husband and Wife Featured in Local Paper

Delia Rivera, who is living with PH, and her husband Michael, were featured in this lengthy story in their local paper. The Rivera's story includes the loss of Delia's sister to PH because she wasn't properly diagnosed, the Rivera's PH support group, and Delia's own journey with PH. Read the article

Texas – Parent of PH Patient Promotes Upcoming Crawfish Festival

PHA Board of Trustees member and PH parent Jack Stibbs organized the arm wrestling competition featured in this article, which also raised awareness about PH and promoted Jack's upcoming crawfish festival. Read the article In a separate article, festival director Kristy Villarreal talked about the upcoming festival to reporters. “We are so excited to offer this event to the people of The Woodlands and surrounding communities. It is a fun-filled day for family and friends with proceeds going to a wonderful cause. We look forward to a very successful event in 2012, plus many more years to come.”

Texas – PH Patient Spreads Awareness About Disease During Awareness Month

Haley Lynn spoke out about pulmonary hypertension on Today in Amarillo during PH Awareness Month. Watch the video

Utah — New Study: One-Fifth of PH Patients Suffer with PH Symptoms for Two Years Before Diagnosis

In this article that appeared The Deseret News, Dr. Lynnette Brown discussed new research that indicates 21 percent of all PH patients suffer with symptoms for more than two years before being correctly diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. 

Utah — Utah Father Works in Iraq, more than 7,000 miles Away from his Family

Rick Shumway talked to reporters about his wife, who recently passed away from PH, and their surviving children who live more than 7,000 miles away. Rick began working in Iraq as a defense contractor in order to pay off the thousands of dollars his family owes for his wife’s PH medical care.

Virginia — Transplant Recipient Educates Virginia about Organ Donation

Maddie Shinaberry was interviewed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last year about her 2009 double lung transplant. Recently, she was interviewed again about her advocacy work promoting organ donation. "I want them to know the shocking statistics," Shinaberry said. "About how much of a difference you can make."

Virginia — Teen Lobbies for Transplant Education Law

Madison Shinaberry reached out to state legislators in Virginia to ask them to pass a law encouraging more organ donation and transplant education for high school health students. Organ donation is a subject near and dear to Madison–she received a double lung transplant in 2009 to treat her pulmonary hypertension. Watch the news clip

Washington — Community Holds Special Event for 11-Year old PH Patient

Cullen Steele, 11-year old pulmonary hypertension patient from Kent, Washington, needs a heart and double-lung transplant. This article is an announcement for a special event his community is holding to raise the $75,000 needed for his transplant. Read the article

Washington D.C. — PH Patient’s Diagnosis Struggle Featured in Washington Post

Kimberlee Ford described her lengthy and frustrating journey towards a pulmonary hypertension diagnosis in the Medical Mysteries feature, which is a weekly section in the Washington Post. Right before her diagnosis, she was unable to do routine physical tasks, like walking up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. “When I saw those steps, I saw mountains,” Kimberlee said. Read the article

Wisconsin — Fundraiser Held to Aid DuBois Family Medical Expenses

In October 2010, Brody Luc DuBois was born with congenital heart disease and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Brody has had four expensive heart surgeries. This article in the River Falls Journal focused on the fundraiser the DuBois family planned to help offset Brody’s ongoing medical expenses. Read the article

Wisconsin — Medical Team Looks into how Exercise Benefits PH Patients

An article in Medical News Today focuses on a National Institutes of Health study done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the impact of exercise for PH patients. The team aims to find identifiers that can help doctors decide which PAH patients would benefit and which would be harmed by physical exercise. Read the article

Wisconsin — New NIH Study Explores Impact of Exercise on PH

Naomi Chesler, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison is in charge of a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health that will explore the impact of exercise on pulmonary hypertension. Read the article

Wisconsin—Press Release Highlights New Study on the Impact of Exercise on PH

Naomi Chesler, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison is in charge of a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health that will explore the impact of exercise on pulmonary hypertension. Read the article

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