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PHA's Scientific Leadership Council identified several questions to assist patients in identifying a PH specialist for their care. The answers below were provided by doctors to help patients assess their qualifications. PHA has not confirmed the validity of this information and is relying on answers provided by physicians who wish to be listed in our Find a Doctor Directory. The following information is publicly available. If a field is blank, the member may have opted to make the corresponding information private.

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Contact Information:

Name: Usha  Krishnan, MD
Institution/Practice: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Position/Title: Associate Director, PH Center
Academic Appointment (if any): Associate Professor
Business Address: Pediatric Cardiology 3959 Broadway BH2N 255
New York, NY 10032
Business Phone: 212-305-4436
Business Email:
Fax: 212-342-1443

Are you certified to practice in your country in any of the following?

Internal Medicine:   No      Expires:
Pulmonary Medicine:   No      Expires:
Cardiology:   No      Expires:
Rheumatology:   No      Expires:
Pediatrics:   Yes      Expires: 2010
Pediatric Cardiology:   Yes      Expires: 2023
Pediatric Critical Care:   No      Expires:
Pediatric Pulmonary:   No      Expires:
Pediatric Rheumatology:   No      Expires:
I treat patients with:  

Practice Information

Are you currently accepting new patients? Yes
What year did you begin caring for PH patients? 1997
Percentage of practice devoted to PH patients: 75%
How many PH patients do you currently care for? 201+
Do you have one or more nurses dedicated to PH? Yes
Do you require cardiac catheterization? Yes   If yes:
Do you provide access to all PAH therapies? Yes   If yes: In your own practice
Do you provide access to clinical trials? Yes   If yes: In your own practice
Do you refer patients for heart/lung transplant? Yes   If yes: In your own practice
Do you refer patients for thromboendarterectomy? Yes   If yes: In your own practice
Number of patients on parenteral therapy: 101 - 200
Does your hospital have PH protocols and training? Yes
Does your hospital have PAH meds in stock? Yes
Is the ER familiar with PAH and its treatments? Yes
Medical conferences attended in the past year: ATS (American Thoracic Society); PVRI (Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute); ACC (American College of Cardiology)
Have you attended PHA's International Conference? No

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The information provided on the PHA website is provided for general information only. It is not intended as legal, medical or other professional advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with qualified professionals who are familiar with your individual needs.

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