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June 10 , 2007
Connecticut Tag Sale

By JoAnn Tenney

Area doctors, nurses, family and friends came together to donate and purchase gently used nick-nacks, newly home-made quilts, and elaborate gift baskets at the first Connecticut TAG Sale. The event was organized by New Haven Support Group Leaders JoAnn Tenney and her daughter Debra, a PH patient, along with support from Stamford group leader, Neeta Pai.

Connecticut Tag Sale Event"PHA is grateful for the efforts led by caregivers like JoAnn, who work hard to raise awareness and much needed funds to find a cure. The message below is an email sent from JoAnn to PHA about their event.” -Debbie Castro, PHA Volunteer Services

I asked all of my family and friends to volunteer their Sunday and help me run a very successful Tag Sale, and most were happy to do so! Where would we be without those we care about? I acquired more donations than I ever imagined, I have gotten pretty good at networking, and I am not hesitant to solicit donations for the benefit of the PH population, we all need a cure.

This sale would not have been as successful as it was without help from all of my sisters, nieces, nephews, friends and coworkers, as well as Neeta and Nick Pai, another PH family, and Eric Coelho, the drug rep who fed all of our volunteers. We tagged, bagged, priced, and presented such a tremendous amount of donated items, I was in awe. We also donated all "leftovers" to a local halfway house for people struggling with their own "demons” and they arrived promptly at the close of our sale, with a large truck, and packed up every unsold item for their use, so everything went to a good cause.

Connecticut Tag Sale Event

We baked and sold individual goodies, and Katherine Gorlo set up her lemonade stand, constructed by her “pop-pop,” George Tenney, and sold both lemonade and PH punch (grape Kool-Aid, in keeping with the PH color purple), Katie made a sizable donation, after all was said and done and her pot was counted! Katie is 7 years old, and Debra's niece.

In addition, I want to thank Jodi and Brian Gorle, they donated their space to host this sale. “Pop-pop,” (Stan Gorlo,) was a tremendous help—he and Brian got right to setting up extra tables, and rearranging everything in the garage on a moment’s notice when we started to think the weather was going to turn bad and start to rain.

My cousins Martha and Rick Hicks, from Ohio, made and donated the most beautiful quilt. My niece, Amy Wiltsie donated two lovely gift baskets, Shackley products and Lia Sophia donated jewelry. Everyone bought chances and waited patiently as the winners were selected!

And last but certainly not least, Dr Terrance Trow, and his family, along with Kathryn Lerz, his A.P.R.N, and some of his office staff (who I don't know by name) came out on the week end to support our cause. They not only deliver excellent professional care, but they touch lives in many different ways and we are blessed to have them!

I am hoping to donate as much time as I can to fund raising, as well as support group planning, to assist the PH community, we are all in this for the same cause, we NEED a cure!

If I can be of any assistance to anyone else planning event(s), I am always approachable, please do not hesitate.

--JoAnn Tenney, mother of Debra


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