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April 28, 2007
Minnesota PH Support Group’s 1st Garage & Bake Sale

SPRING has sprung in Minnesota!
by Stephanie & Tom Layer, Minn. PH Support Group

garage saleApril 28, 2007 marked the date of the Minnesota’s PH group sale at the Newport Lutheran Church in Newport, MN. It was held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on that Saturday. We had a good group of volunteers made up of PH patients, their family members, and employees from Accredo, Encysive and Gilead.

It all started on April 27, at 3:00 pm the night before the sale. All of our trucks and car’s were loaded with sale items — and all of these items had to be unloaded. Box after box came through the church doors! Tables had to be arranged, sale items had to placed in the right order, and all the signs had to be put up — a daunting set of tasks.

“It is amazing how such a dreaded disease can pull such wonderful people together and turn a negative into a positive. It proves that if we all join together we CAN find a cure for sure!”
As always…the whole group pitched in and got it set up and ready for business the next morning.

We had a “Bake Sale” table and another table for all our PHA information. Group members, Arlene & Dick Gabbert sold Arlene’s hand-made bracelets.

It was Saturday morning at 8:00am and all the volunteers arrived with smiles on their faces. The weather was wonderful, with no rain and temperature expected to hit the 80’s by the afternoon. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

People get coming and coming and we had so much fun watching which things would go out the door -- but it was more fun to watch what we, the volunteers and group members, bought from one another. The old saying, “one man’s trash is another one treasure’s.” OH how true it that!

Encysive purchased pizzas for all the volunteers and Accredo supplied all the beverages, plates, napkins etc. We had cookies, Sloppy Joe’s and tuna salad, too. No one went hungry!

We made a lot of deals and met a lot of new people and had a great time and the best part of all…we raised some money for PHA!

A BIG thank you to everyone involved!

garage sale garage sale garage sale 

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