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Julie FrazeeJulie Frazee

Today was no different from any other new day in the hospital, the beds were still cold and hard; the air still had that funny hospital smell; the halls were beginning to become busy with the day shift arriving for duty. Little did I know as I laid there in that cold, hard lonely bed, that my life as I knew it was about to change drastically forever!

As one of my many doctors' was doing, his morning rounds on that September 1, 2004 morning, it was a day I will never forget. It was then he told me I had a very rare form of lung and heart disease and that I had a year to live.

Time passed and I went through the normal grieving, pity parties, saying good bye's to family and friends, I had lost all hope. Then one day, I received the most beautiful picture I have ever seen in an email.

It was a picture of a glacier. As I stared at that glacier, something inside of me told me I needed to go to Alaska before I died. Therefore, I set my mind, my body and my spirit on a goal. That goal was to LIVE! God was sending me pictures, clues, hints ... something I wasn't sure what it was, telling me, my life on this earth wasn't done. For me not to give up! I found a reason to live; it gave me hope, a desire, a will. I had to somehow, some way get to Alaska.

A few months had passed and I ended up back in the hospital. while I was there a Red Cross Volunteer was making up my bed while I showered. When I was done she came back to check on me. Her name was Connie. Connie asked if everything was OK. She told me of her struggles and what brought her to be a volunteer at the hospital, I never told her why I was in the hospital or what was wrong with me. As she started to leave my room, Connie turned to me and said, "Julie, you need to go to Alaska!" My mouth about fell to the floor. I could hardly speak, as I ask Connie, "Why, did you say that?" She responded, "I have no idea," "something just came over me and I had to tell you, Julie DO NOT GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP! and you must go to ALASKA!" with that said she left the room. I sat there, in total shock!!! I turned to my best friend and said, "See, it is meant for me to go on this cruise, I don't know why but God wants me on that cruise!" about fifteen minutes passed Connie returned. I was very shocked.

I said, "Connie, I thought you said you were going home?" she said, "I thought I was, for some reason I got in my car to drive home and something made me get out of my car and buy this for you." She then opened a bag and handed me the cutest polar bear I have ever seen. Then she said, "Julie, Go to Alaska!"

I believe Connie was an angel sent from God, I still do not know why I am to be on that cruise to Alaska. I can tell you this; I am booked on the cruise Aug 28-Sept 4. I plan to not only celebrate being very much alive on September 1, 2005 but LIFE itself! I am not giving up!!


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