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Dee FreemanDee Freeman

In June, 2001, I, Dee Freeman, was diagnosed with PAH and on that memorable day, given what felt like a bombshell, “you have a rare incurable illness and you have only three to five years (at most) to live”. Yet, five months past my doctor’s given time limit, November of 2006, I am totally excited about life and continue to be motivated by the love, support and inspiration I receive from my family, friends and church. An inherent value, I strive for excellence in all areas of my life. Even though my illness has limited many activities, it has not restricted my mind, my dreams, nor my love for life. The blackouts, dizziness, slow downs and uncertainty hampered my life style for a while, but that drive for a quality life kicked into gear. After taking a slightly early retirement from the professional occupation in the financial arena of General Motors Corp. in 2002, I began to blossom in a newly adopted career as writer, speaker and literary advocate.

Five years prior, I would not have even imagined nor believed I would be doing something so different from working in the financial field of industry. Now being called a compelling poet and author, I accept the designation with honor. I am also a producer and host; mother and grandmother; friend and Christian; most importantly wife and companion to my loving husband Atty. Myron Freeman, Sr. I no longer allow this illness to lower my quality of life nor my expectations of this life and my purpose in it. I constantly look for opportunities to expand, stretch and reach for higher heights-even to the stars. Each marvelous day I arise, I realize God has a plan for all his creations and I wish to fulfill the plan He has for me.

Part of the wonderful plan, I believe, is producing and hosting my new love, Poetree-N-Motion. This show, which has put my creativity to the test, attracts a wide and diverse audience and has become home base to other artists, entertainers, educators, professors, clergy, attorneys, physicians, politicians and community activist, who share encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, hope and love. These talented and interesting people spread their artistic wings or gracefully disseminate their intellectual insights on each airing-3:30PM Thursdays on Comcast channel 16 in Lansing; 7:00PM Tuesdays on WELM channel 30 in East Lansing; and daily in Detroit on Comcast 68. I have a lineup for even more interesting guests, more history tidbits, more book reviews, more spitting the words and more potential projects. This is, without a doubt, a show on the MOVE, and I invite anyone from my PAH community to come join me in spreading information about PH. Come share your story-your vision. Come share information about your own community or just come share some love. There’s never enough love in the world!!

For and to the doctors at University of Michigan, I am so-o-o thankful. Accredo Therapeutics and the pulmonary hypertension community are due praises and thanks for their medical expertise, patience, encouragement and support. If not for this wonderful group of people, I would not be able to experience the current fullness of life. Though initially given a devastating diagnosis, I (along with my divine team) have accepted this challenge head on. I am optimistic, positive and proud to represent how attitudes and perseverance can make a difference. I have been a volunteer in several new drug initiatives which have proven beneficial to the PAH community. I personally benefited greatly from these trials as I now spend less medicine preparation time with intravenous Remodulin. Revatio, another therapy provided by Accredo Therapeutics, is also helping me on my road to a healthy quality of life. I am able to travel with less worry about keeping medicines cool and reserves at arms length at all times. My new freedom has contributed to my ability to concentrate on an innovative and exciting writing career.

My current two books “Oceans of Love: To Us From Us”(a salute and tribute to my heritage) and “Poetry, She Wrote I: Oh Magnify Him” (a book of praise and acknowledgement to an Awesome Omnipotent Power) are holding their own in the market place, with “Poetry, She Wrote II: Reflections of the Heart” promising to hit the bookstores in the December 2006 timeframe. Current books are available at The Way Station, Schuler Books, online at,,,, and Barnes & Noble. As most writers, I too, dream of having a number one best seller. I’m hoping to realize this with my first novel, “Wild Michigan” which I’m writing with the aide of movie producer D. J. Perry. The remainder of the “Poetry, She Wrote” series-books of motivation, affection, family and love-is still in progress along with an illustrated children’s book of poetry, “To Heir Is To Love: A legacy of Poetry”.

I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to share my story, comments, support and creativity. I hope to touch, encourage, uplift or even motivate some one who feels PH is all that’s left in life for them. I am also proud to share with you, a magazine tribute and several pieces of poetry in hopes they will lift spirits, touch hearts and help anyone who may be suffering emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. PLEASE read, enjoy, be Blessed and most of all know that ‘you only get out of life, what you put into life’.

Please feel free to use total or any parts of article. Three poetry pieces follow:

Dee Freeman   © 6/2006
This is dedicated to anyone who wishes to take control of life; making lemonade from its lemons:

Diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in the year 2001;
A life sentence of numbered days for me had begun
Told by a doctor, I had only three years, maximum of 5 to live
Yet, my Creator said differently, for numbered days are not man’s to give

The incurable illness was cold and vicious, zapping all energy as it took hold
I traveled a tumultuous slow road downhill, until an inner power took control

An intravenous tube and pump (My Buddy), pushes 24/7 to
Strengthen and keep me alive
For God works in mysterious ways, united with the doctors,
They have restored my pride

The life sentence of numbered days I got just five short years ago
Mean nothing to the benevolent Awesome Power, which I personally know

This illness invaded, threatened and racked my being with pain
Yet, I’m in the hands of an Omnipotent Master and in Him
I’m wholly maintained

I will not worry; nor let this sentence cause anxiety, discontent or strife
I now cherish my blessed existence and accept
this temporary sentence for life


Dee Freeman   © 10/2005

As the years swiftly pass by
And I find more years behind me than ahead
As my once dark thick hair has thinned
And drained to silver upon my head

I will still dream and reminisce on
Exciting times I once had
Prompting me to exhibit a portrait unfinished
That without touchups could make me sad

I’ve welded brushes of life-sometimes dripping full
Sometimes empty-to the naked canvas of my soul
I observe a need to erase traits of sorrow and bitterness
Touching them up with wisdom to make a masterpiece whole

This self portrait of life I continue to paint
With soft colors of every hew
Hoping to cover smears of bitter regret, yet uncover
Happy yesteryears with brightness streaking through

When the picture is finished, the brilliant hews of life
Dim and slowly fade from view
I want my self portrait to emit a radiant
Love and legacy spilling warm over the edges
Of my heart
Spreading all over
From me to you


Dee Freeman   ©  2002

I wept streams for that junky
Trying to get his high on
I wept cause, he’s not caring that the bed he now lie on
Could certainly be the bed he die on
He buy it                       Then try it
Now rely on it                Soon die on it

I wept rivers for the sistah walking the streets
I wept cause, she trying to find a few tricks
So she can get a real fix,
Not realizing she at risks
With those trying only to get their kicks.
She don’t respect it                    Won’t protect it
They compel it              So she sell it

I wept oceans for that young man
Who now sit behind bars
I wept cause, he gotta
Repay his debt to the stars
And stripes for taking a few jars
From the shelves---maybe a pack of cigars,
hoping to turn his scars into stars
To improve a life before the bars
He stole them                Then sold them
Now sitting,                   Behind bars that hold him

I wept streams for that mother
Who now has to be on welfare
I wept cause, she live in a place that don’t even care
How she and her children fare
No, it ain’t fare that no one else care
Who will help them out of this despair?
Each day she repeat-same ole, same ole
Then, she can’t sleep
So she also weep

Can you now… understand how… I wept oceans, rivers, streams
For those who lost their dreams
I wept streams, or so it seems
Let’s wipe and dry every weeping eye
Do more than just sit idly by
Generate some bright sunbeams             Create some mo’e dreams
Be about action, cause we can do this… as a team
We just gotta damn up the causes of all these weeping stream


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