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Kathy ForrestKathy Forrest

Kathy Forrest diagnosed with PH three years ago practiced hard for her Dec 23 2001 Olympic Torch Run. The 59 Year old PHer was nominated by her daughter, Kirsten Beatty. Kathy hopes that her Olympic Torch run will inspire other PH patients to never give up.


Kathy Forrest waits for the Olympic TorchKathy Forrest, a 59 year old grandmother of four from Horsham, PA, waits for the Olympic flame to be passed to her in York, ME. To her left is a security person who has just turned on the fuel jet in the 3 1/2 pound aluminum and glass torch. Kathy, diagnosed with PPH in 1999 and a lung transplant candidate since 2000, was nominated for the honor by her daughter.


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