Pulmonary Hypertension Crossword Puzzle

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Feb 2012 updated


4. After a visit at the hospital, it is really nice to come ___.
6. People around the world are fighting to find a ______ so that no one has to have PH.
7. PH Support Group members — and others in the PH community — live by these words: “Care, _____ , be Aware!”
8. PHA was founded in 1990 around a kitchen table in this state.
9. This is the official color of PHA — it rhymes with “twinkle”!
12. Sometimes, people in the same ______ , like brothers and sisters, may have PH because they carry the “PH gene.”
13. The number of minutes in the “_____ -minute walk test”


1. Some kids with PH wear a ________ on their backs to deliver medicine.
2. You do this when you talk to your elected officials, or congresspeople, about PH and other things that matter to you. [Hint: This word begins with the letter A and rhymes with “great”!]
4. PHA hosted our Eighth International Conference in this Texas city in 2008. Yee-haw!
5. Because PH affects only one or two people in a million, some people consider it to be an uncommon or “______” condition.
8. This was the first treatment for PH, approved in 1995. [Hint: It rhymes with “suntan”!]
10. PH occurs in the artery between the heart and which organ?
11. For some kids with PH, this part of the mouth turns blue.

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