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Dec. 11, 2013 - Introducing the Specialty Pharmacy Feedback Form

  • Blog from PHA's President: You and your Specialty Pharmacy... an Important New Tool for you
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard: PH Caregivers: Let Us Know Your Opinions!
  • Advocacy at Work: PH Bill Has New Congressional Support Thanks to PHers' Outreach
  • E-Learning for Patients & Caregivers: New e-Learning Guide on Nutrition and Exercise
  • Education for Medical Professionals: Two New Courses on PHA Online University
  • Give Back: Make a Gift to PHA and See It Double!
  • PH News Headlines

Nov. 27, 2013 - Holiday Shopping that Supports the Community

  • Blog from PHA's President:Celebrating Life with the Breathe PHree Gala
  • Major Win for Pediatric Research:Victory! Pediatric Research Bill Passes Congress with Support from PH Community
  • Get Your Name on the Map:East Coast Miles – Sold Out!
  • Give Back to the PH Community:Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Now Giving Tuesday.
  • PH News Headlines

Nov. 13, 2013 - A Marathon of PH Awareness Raising

  • Blog from PHA's President: The Awareness Month Marathon...
  • Spotlight On...Race of Our Lives: Be Part of the Great Bike Race
  • Resources for Patients & Families: Check Out the New PHA Classroom e-Learning Guides
  • What Do You Think?: PH Caregivers: Your Opinions Wanted
  • Achievements in PH Awareness: What Have You Been Up to for Awareness Month?
  • PH News Headlines

Oct. 30, 2013 - Racing Toward PH Awareness Month

  • Blog from PHA's President: Racing Toward... PH Awareness Month
  • New Treatment Options Approved: Eleventh PH Drug Approved, the Second This Month
  • Fight Back... Online!: Participate in Awareness Month from Where You Sit Now
  • Get Involved in PH Awareness: Invite Congress to Lunch
  • Support PHA in the Workplace: Attention, Active Military, Federal and Postal Employees!
  • PH News Headlines

Oct. 2, 2013 - Football, Pumpkins and PH Advocacy!

  • Blog from PHA's President: Football, Pumpkins and PH Advocacy!
  • Keep Posted on Race of Our Lives: Cue Sheet: Your Roadmap to Race of Our Lives
  • Generation Hope Blog: Need a Pick-Me-Up
  • Get the Survival Guide on Your Mobile Device: Now Available as an e-Book
  • Coping Through Creativity: Share a Photo of Your Creation
  • PH News Headlines
  • Video Spotlight: Young Patient Meets Patriots Star Tom Brady

Sept. 18, 2013 - Major Screening Recommendations Published

  • Blog from PHA's President: Dr. Hudak's Delayed Diagnosis Story
  • Major Recommendations Published: PAH Screening Recommendations Published for Connective Tissue Disease
  • PH Advocacy in Action: PHers Bring Advocacy Home
  • For Medical Professionals: New CE Course Available on PH Therapies for Children
  • PH News Headlines
  • Video Spotlight: Color PHor a Cure 5K

Sept. 4, 2013 - PH Bill Introduced in the Senate

  • Blog from PHA's President: We Continue to Advance
  • PH Legislation Gaining Traction: PH Bill Introduced in Senate, Endorsed by American Medical Association
  • Fighting Back Through Local Events: Young PH Patient to Be Ambassador of Hope at Baltimore Walk
  • New PH Resource for Kids: New Booklet for Kids with a PHer in Their Life
  • For Medical Professionals: Building Medical Education in PH Events in Illinois and Kansas
  • PH News Headlines: Novel PAH Drug Reduced Morbidity, Mortality Rates, and more!

Aug. 7, 2013 - Proposed PH Drug Makes Strides in the FDA

  • Blog from PHA's President: The Power of Teamwork: The PHPN Symposium
  • From the PH Community: PH Patient Participates in State-Wide Bike Event
  • PH Resources: Newest Survival Guide Now Available!
  • From PHA: Expanding Outreach: PHA Extends Relationships with Partner Research Organizations
  • Help Fund Research for a Cure: Contribute to PHA's Research Program
  • PH News Headlines: FDA Committee Recommends Approval of New Oral PH Drug Riociguat, and more!

July 24, 2013 - Explore New Course for Caregivers

  • Blog from PHA's President: Ripples in the Stream...
  • From the PH Community: PH Plus Blog: Nine Ways You Can Support Your Emotional Health
  • Resources for Caregivers: Check Out PH Ready for Caregivers
  • Support Research for a Cure: Your Support Can Make a Difference for PH Research
  • For Medical Professionals: PH Professional Network Symposium: Act Now for Reduced Registration!
  • PH News Headlines

July 10, 2013 - Submit Your Pet Photo Today

  • Blog from PHA's President: The Bill is in ... Now It's Up to You
  • From the PH Community: PH Plus Blog: Going from Miles to Inches
  • Upcoming Webinar for Family and Friends: PH Caregiving 101
  • For Medical Professionals: The ABCs of Teaching Adult Patients and Healthcare Providers
  • PH News Headlines

June 26, 2013 - Introducing New 2013 PH Legislation

  • Blog from PHA's President: From Fantasy to Reality ... and Only 359 Days, 4 Hours and 42 Minutes Away
  • From the PH Community: Generation Hope Goes to Boston
  • Introducing New PH Legislation: New PH Bill to Increase PH Awareness and Diagnosis
  • For Medical Professionals: Applications Now Accepted for Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program in PAH
  • PH News Headlines

June 12, 2013 - Receive a Complimentary Survival Guide

  • Blog from PHA's President: Travels with Carl ... #1
  • From the PH Community: Colleen Connor's Philadelphia Gala Raises the Bar
  • Join PHA or Renew Your Membership: Receive a Complimentary Survival Guide When You Join Today
  • Calling All PH Kids and Teens!: Kids and Teens, Put Your Creativity to Work for a Cure
  • For Medical Professionals & Families: Family Session Included in Neonatal & Childhood PVD Conference
  • PH News Headlines

May 29, 2013 - Remembering a PHA Founder

  • Blog from PHA's President: Dorothy's Victory...
  • From the PH Community: Like Oil and Water: Work and PH
  • PH Patients and Families: Sign Up for Monthly Telephone Support Group Reminders
  • For Medical Professionals: PHA Partners with Yale School of Medicine for Upcoming Event
  • PH News Headlines

May 15, 2013 - World PH Day Unites the Globe

  • Blog from PHA's President: PHA on the Road Again...
  • From the PH Community: May Wedding Proves All Things Are Possible
  • Opportunity for PH Kids and Teens: Creativity for a Cure: PHA Art from the Heart
  • Uniting as a Global PH Family: World PH Day Unites the Globe
  • Medical Community Bulletin: Applications Now Accepted for Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program for PAH
  • PH News Headlines
  • Video Spotlight: PHA Japan's "Get Breathless for PH"

May 1, 2013 - DOD Funds PH Research

  • Blog from PHA's President: From Yonkers to Jeddah ... in Common Cause
  • Spotlight On... DOD Funds PH Research
  • Get Smart: Pediatric Webinar: Preparing for the School Year with PH
  • Living Better with PH: Scleroderma and How It Affects Pulmonary Hypertension
  • From the PHA News Desk: National PH Call-In Day Victory!; There's Still Time to Light Your Flame of Hope!
  • Medical Community Bulletin: PH and Heart Failure: A Case Study; Insurance Issues for the PH-Treating Medical Professional
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: Spring into Action!

April 17, 2013 - Turn Your Members of Congress into PH Advocates!

  • Blog from PHA's President: Yes, We Can ... Yes, We Did!
  • Spotlight On... April 24 is National PH Call-In Day
  • Get Smart: Can What You Eat Affect Your Disease State?; ATS 7th Annual (Free) Patient Forum
  • Living Better with PH: Teen Transition Guide Now Available for Young PHers
  • PH Community Scoop: PHA Outreach to Specialty Pharmacy Improves Patient Care
  • From the PHA News Desk: Light a Flame of Hope!
  • Medical Community Bulletin: PH Professional Network Symposium: Registration Open!; PH in Schistosomiasis: An Overview
  • Also of Interest: Policy Changes will Benefit PHers Awaiting Transplant
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: Depression and PH

March 20, 2013 - PHA Goes "on the Road"

  • Blog from PHA's President: Conference 2014: A Road Trip with PHA Leadership
  • Spotlight On... PHA on the Road: Registration Now Open!
  • Get Smart: PH Treatments: What's on the Horizon?
  • Living Better with PH: Breathing Your Way to Calm
  • From the PHA News Desk: Celebrate World PH Day on May 5
  • Also of Interest: Budding Scientist Makes Strides in PAH Research
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: Twenty Years with PH: A Reflection

Feb. 20, 2013 - Keep NIH Research Going

  • Blog from PHA's President: Colleen, Specialty Pharmacies and You...
  • Spotlight On... NIH Finds New Clue to Cause of PH
  • Get Smart: State of PHA: An Annual Update from Our President Rino Aldrighetti
  • Living Better with PH: After Diagnosis: Courage to Take the Next Step
  • PH Community Scoop: Bring on the Muscle: Women's Arm Wrestling League Raises Funds for PHA
  • Medical Community Bulletin: Earn Credits on New Respiratory Therapy Courses
  • Also of Interest: 1 Click, $1 for Rare Disease Research
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: I Am What I Am Because of PH

Jan. 23, 2013 - Dream It, Fund It, Do It

  • Blog from PHA's President: PH + [Your Condition Here] + People Who Understand
  • Spotlight On... Make Your Idea a Reality
  • Get Smart: Newly Diagnosed? What You Need to Know
  • Living Better with PH: Starting Out the New Year Right: Making a Commitment to You!
  • PH Community Scoop: Get Involved! Rare Disorders Without Borders
  • From the PHA News Desk: End of Year Gifts Top $95,000
  • Medical Community Bulletin: A Second Chance at Congerence 2012
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: A New Year, Let's Reflect!

Jan. 9, 2013 - New Beginnings for 2013

  • Blog from PHA's President: An Important New Direction for PHA ...
  • Spotlight On... Get Covered, Get Connected
  • Get Smart: Newly Diagnosed? What You Need to Know; Restorative Yoga for the PH Patient
  • Things I Found by Kathryn Frix: PHA Classroom News Feed
  • PH Community Scoop: PH Kids Spread the Love ... to Each Other
  • From the PHA News Desk: It's Not Too Late to Support PHA's End of Year Appeal
  • Medical Community Bulletin: Scientific Sessions Available on PHA Online University
  • Also of Interest: Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period Jan. 1 - Feb. 14
  • Video Spotlight: New Videos on Associated Diseases
  • PH News Headlines
  • Generation Hope Blog: What Are You Eating?



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