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With so many PH communities and organizations operating worldwide, you can be sure that someone has faced challenges similar to your own. Whether you are trying to raise funds in Austria or Ontario, educate medical professionals in Sweden or Saudi Arabia, or come up with creative ways to serve patients in Germany or Japan, the global network of PH leaders has solutions to offer.

Explore these webinars, fact sheets and presentations if you are looking for education and inspiration, and share your own ideas and experiences.

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Webinars & Recordings

From PHA's First International Leaders' Summit (June, 2010)

(Hall Skåra, PHA Norway President; Ümit Atli, PHA Turkey President) Learn how to effectively offer accurate, current information to your patient community.

(Paula Menezes, ABRAF Vice President; Debbie Drell, PHA Director of Volunteer Services) As your organization grows, how do you keep sight of each of your constituents -- patients, families, researchers, and medical professionals -- and develop your association efficiently and harmoniously? Learn how to create value for all of your members and manage their contributions effectively.

(Vallerie McLaughlin, MD, USA) Learn how to effectively offer accurate, current information to your medical community.

(Gerald Fischer, PHA Europe, PHA Austria President; Rino Aldrighetti, PHA President) Learn how to partner with pharmaceutical companies, benefit from government grants, and engage your member and community donors so that your association can give back to its fullest.

From PHA's Second International Leaders' Summit (June, 2012)

  • Patient Resources

    • Managing a Support Group (Aryeh Copperman, PHA Israel)
    • Psychosocial Resources (Juan Fuertes, Asociación Nacional de la HP, Spain)
    • Patient Databses and Registries (Mélanie Gallant-Dewavrin, HTAPFrance)

  • Building Relationships in the PH Community

    • PH Medical Community (Noriko Murakami, PHA Japan)
    • Corporate Relationships (Nicolene Müller, PH South Africa)
    • Patient Relationships (Colleen Brunetti, PHA)

  • PH Advocacy and Awareness

    • Public PH Awareness Campaigns (Jennifer Gendron and Angie Knott, PHA Canada)
    • The Power of Patient Stories (Li Rong, iSEEK PH Center, China)
    • Creating Change in Your Government (Martha Gonzalez, PHA)

  • Association Management

    • Association Management (Thomas Bryer, Center for Public and Non-Profit Management, University of Central Florida)

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