International Highlights: What’s Going on Around the World?

Did you know that there are more than 50 PH associations operating worldwide? Just a few decades ago, the resources, support, and encouragement that these groups offer today just didn’t exist! Here’s a round-up of some highlights from our friends overseas, pointing yet again to the incredible energy of our global PH community!

April 1, 2011

  • In Austria… PH was in the bright lights for 24 days, projected on one of Vienna’s most famous coffee shops, the Landtmann Café. Media coverage of the display coupled with the bustling tourist season maximized its impact.
  • In Belgium… PH Belgium will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this spring! The group is planning an international nursing day on May 12, as well as programming for new and youth patients.
  • In Bulgaria... Representatives of the national PH group were invited to present at the 12th National Cardiology Conference.

  • In the Czech Republic... PHers enjoyed a “Rehabiliation Retreat,” which featured modified activities and medically led educational programming. PH patients also met in Slovakia and Slovenia, alongside medical professionals and specialists in both countries.
  • In France… About 180 patients, family members, and medical professionals attended the First PH Patient Congress in Lyon. PH awareness also took to the seas thanks to HTAP France and PHA Europe’s support of an annual transatlantic sailing race that will cover 2,800 nautical miles and help the six-person crew understand the relationship between man and nature.
  • In Germany... PHev Germany, which celebrated its 13th National Patient Meeting, awarded journalist Bert Ostberg for his documentary on PH. The film features a young, wheelchair-bound PH patient and his journey to rehabilitation.

  • In Israel… PHers are busy planning their Annual Patient Conference and their first Symposium for allied healthcare professionals, slated for spring or fall 2011.
  • In Italy… A new documentary of video interviews of patients is underway, and leaders have been busy representing those voices at a PH Conference at the University of Bologna.
  • In Japan… PHA Japan will soon publish a new Japanese translation of Pulmonary Hypertension: A Patient’s Survival Guide. This will be the third Japanese edition published. We wish our friends in Japan Godspeed in their recovery.
  • In Norway… An elite basketball team in Norway, whose captain is the son of PHA Norway President Hall Skåra, helped raise PH awareness by puckering up for PH. Members of PHA Norway also enjoyed the group’s first face-to-face meeting and several patients were the first PHers to attend a clinic specializing in training and diet tailored to lung patients, previously geared toward COPD patients.

  • In Poland... PHers in Poland will join the nation in the “Day of the Heart,” a big event in Poland and an important step toward organizing the first national PH Day in the country.
  • In Spain... The National PH Association of Spain, ANHP, represented PHers at the Spanish Society of Cardiology Cardiovascular Disease Conference, and joined the Spanish Heart Foundation in a 100 km journey to Santiago de Compostela to honor cardiac patients.
  • In Switzerland... The Second PH Children’s Meeting was held in Zurich; children and families were educated on PH and entertained by the hospital clown, Dr. Kiko.
  • In Turkey… Association leaders distributed educational material and networked at the Turkish Cardiology Association Congress. They also presented on their association at the Turkish Respiratory Society Congress. The group is proud to unveil a new 24-hour patient helpline.

The news featured in this issue’s round-up is only the beginning! For more news from around the world, visit PH International News and Projects.


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